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Technology has changed professional insurance jobs in many different ways, from communicating with customers to new software that has helped improve how productive advisors can be. Whatever the task may be, it is certain that working on keeping your computer skills sharp will prove to be a sound investment.

There are specific software programs that will be relevant to a career as an insurance advisor, agent, or broker. Having foundational computer skills will give you the momentum you need to continue learning along with the development of relevant technologies in your field and well into your future.

1. Word Processor Skills for Creating Professional Documents

Creating, organizing, and navigating documents is a key part of presenting the information. Word processing programs have a wide variety of functions, which can make day-to-day professional life easier, leaving you more time to connect with clients and co-workers on important matters.

In insurance advisor courses you will learn how to format documents so that your work looks polished and professional. This includes functions like working with bullet lists, changing fonts, applying styles and themes to modify the overall look of your text, and knowing how to set up margins and use the ruler.

Word processing also involves editing and it will be helpful to learn functions like “Find and Replace” to check the text of your document quickly for certain words or phrases. Similarly, you may find that you need to move text around, which is where cut, copy and paste will come in handy. Your courses will take you through the tools you need up to and including printing the finished document.

2. Data Management Skills to Keep Your Information Organized

For many software programs, once you learn the basics, the rest of the program’s functions will seem intuitive. This is likely to be the case with software that helps you manage client data. While there is usually varies between different software programs, the skills you learn managing one kind of database are often transferable to working with other software.

In order to manage and manipulate information, it will be necessary to have data management software skills. These include creating a new database and the tables within it, adding data to the tables, importing data from a comma-separated values (CSV) file, among many other actions.  Insurance agent diploma training will also show you how to work with existing databases to create forms, reports and queries as well as how to export information to spreadsheets.

The right computer skills keep an office and community running smoothly

The right computer skills keep an office and community running smoothly

3. Online Job Search and Email Skills Specific to Insurance Advisor Courses

If you are worried about having support in finding your footing after graduating from insurance advisor college in Alberta, it will relieve you to know that job search and email communication skills are part of the program.

In addition, to resume writing, you will learn techniques to search for positions that will match your passion and help you find a sense of belonging in your professional life. This hands-on experience will include how to research potential jobs for yourself and analyze the information given in a job call, as well as how to use email software efficiently to keep yourself and your opportunities organized. The moment when you find an exciting job opportunity will likely arrive quicker than you think!