Welcome to Academy of Learning Career College, where we take pride in fostering a supportive and enriching environment for our diverse community of international students. Recognizing the unique needs and challenges faced by students arriving from around the world, we are committed to providing comprehensive international student services aimed at ensuring a smooth transition and successful academic journey.
For more information, click the link below to visit the IRCC website, and contact an Admissions Representative at the campus of your choice for more information and assistance with confirming your study arrangements.

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We offer condensed programs that emphasize the practical skills you’ll use in your career, so you can earl your Diploma or Certificate in 12 months of less.

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You can enroll and start training anytime with confidence! Our programs are designed with flexibility in mind so that you can pursue your career AND fulfill your responsibilities at home and at work.

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Our admissions and campus staff are here to help you get started and complete your program, ready to earn more in a career you love. We’ll help you explore and apply for financial aid as well as provide you with resources and support to budget effectively during your program.

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Choose a Location & Meet with an Admissions Advisor

Contact the Academy of Learning Career College location of your choice to meet with an admissions representative who will provide details on programs and guide you through the process.

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Confirm Entrance Requirements

Enrollment at Academy of Learning Career College requires successful completion of High School or Canadian equivalency as well as English language proficiency. You may be required to provide transcript and educational equivalency assessment through the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) or World Education Services (WES) and/or undertake and English language proficiency examination.



Our Admissions Coordinator will guide you through the application documents and application fee and will provide you with a copy of your signed student enrollment documents, academic and student policies.


Prepare for Canada

For tips and other information to help you prepare for your arrival in Canada, visit the IRCC webpage here. You will also need to arrange for accommodation and obtain health insurance while studying in Canada. Our Student Services staff is available at your campus of study to assist you with resources and support with your transition to Canada.


Academic Support Services

Our dedicated team of academic advisors and Learning coaches is available to assist international students in navigating the academic landscape. Whether it's clarifying coursework, providing study strategies, peer tutors or offering additional resources, we are here to empower students to excel in their chosen programs.

Counseling Services

We understand that adjusting to a new academic and cultural environment can be a transformative but sometimes challenging experience. Our student services are there to support you every step of the way they offer a safe and confidential space for international students to discuss personal, academic, or cultural concerns. Our experienced staff are here to provide guidance, support, and resources to help students thrive. Including identifying free counseling and community support resources for students.

Career Counseling & Planning

CCISHelp with Career Planning: alis Government of AlbertaGovernment of Alberta Employment Services

General Support Resources:

Help in Tough Times (Community, Mental Health and other resources)

Housing Assistance

Securing comfortable and safe accommodation is a crucial aspect of the international student experience. Our student services will assist/support international students to secure adequate and safe housing. In addition to providing information about local housing options, we offer guidance in navigating the local housing market.

*Please note that Academy of Learning Career College is not affiliated with any of the below and cannot guarantee quality or service.

Canada VisaCity of CalgaryCanada Homestay NetworkCAPREITRent FasterRentSeeker

Social Integration

Building a sense of community and belonging is at the heart of our social integration services. From orientation, to graduation we facilitate opportunities for international students to connect with peers, engage in extracurricular activities, and build lasting friendships. Our goal is to create an inclusive and vibrant campus environment.

Health Services

The well-being of our students is paramount. Our health services include access to information about local healthcare providers, guidance on Alberta Health Care Insurance, and support in navigating the Canadian healthcare system. We prioritize the physical and mental health of our international students to ensure they can focus on their studies with peace of mind.

Alberta Health Care Insurance for International students

If you are a student from outside Canada, you may be eligible for AHCIP coverage.

  • Students under 18 years of age must be added to the AHCIP account of a custodian.
  • Students who have a 12-month study permit (valid for an Alberta educational institute) and who will reside in Alberta for 12 months or more are eligible for AHCIP coverage and should apply.
  • Students with study permits valid for less than 12 months, may be eligible for AHCIP coverage if their application is accompanied by a letter from the school confirming their enrollment and their intent to reside in Alberta for at least 12 months.
  • Students who transfer to an educational institute outside Alberta or move to another province or territory are no longer eligible for AHCIP coverage and must contact AHCIP to have it cancelled.
How to ApplyAbout Health Care Insurance

Emergency Services

Call: 911

Local HospitalsMental Health Service

Federal Immigration Regulations and Requirements

A study permit is issued to students by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It authorizes an individual to study at a designated learning institution in Canada for the duration of the program of study.

How To Apply

Studying and working in Canada as an international student

You may be eligible to work while studying in Canada, or you may be looking to assist your spouse or common-law partner get a work permit while you study.

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Our career programs are designed to prepare students for today's in-demand workplaces in one year or less.

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I really recommend AOLCC for their being so focus on every student. I'm impressed on their patience to help every student everyday.. They always thought me to keep going especially when I'm having a hard time on some subjects. I love all the teachers and staff, they don't just love their job.. but also they love students and take care of them.

Kyla ElaineAOLCC Graduate

I currently have 60 employees under me and look forward to what the future holds. I appreciate all the school has done for me and now with being successful in this program I am on my way to taking over my bosses job.

Shannon PeddyAOLCC Graduate

I love this school. I really like the fact that you learn at your own pace. The staff at AOLCC are always ready to help when you need it. I have and will recommend AOLCC to friends and family.

Jewel LaChanceAOLCC Student

Had a great experience with the staff here. A career college that is very accommodating and flexible. The flexibility was greatly appreciated especially when one work full-time and doing a full-time course.

Heidi-Ann BulterAOLCC Student

Currently attending a 1 year course for PC Support Specialist. The course so far has been good and has already helped me with working on my own personal computers. The staff is great and helpful. They take your security very seriously, so guest must check in. But if you tell the front desk in advance you won't have issues.

Nic NygrenAOLCC Student

I just want to thank the Academy of Learning Career College for giving me a start as a new comer to Canada. I am so grateful now because I feel a sense of belonging because I am now a member of the healthcare field. It is a career I have always wanted.

Marcia BennettAOLCC Graduate

During my learning experience at Academy of Learning Career College, I received encouragement, help with all my course related issues and much positive feedback with regards to career objectives and education training objectives.

Peter TannerAOLCC Graduate

Entrance Requirements


Admission to Academy of Learning programs requires all applicants to follow our formal admissions process which includes an interview with school administration as well as providing all required documentation including proof of age, high school diploma or Canadian equivalency, and proof of English language proficiency.  NOTE: Transcript and education equivalencies may require assessment through the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) or World Education Services (WES).
Students applying to all programs must meet the following general admission requirements in addition to any specific program requirements.

Standard Admission
Students must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Alberta High School Diploma, verified by transcript, or non-Alberta equivalent
  • General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.)
  • Successful interview with school administration

Mature Admission
Students must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Passing score on standard entrance test (Wonderlic, CAST level 3, OR Accuplacer).
  3. Successful interview with school administration

Academic Policies can be found in our Student Handbook.

Alberta English Language Proficiency Policy

The language of instruction for all programs at Academy of Learning Career College is English, and similarly, all sites where students are placed to complete a practicum use English as the language of communication.  Thus, all students must demonstrate a level of English Proficiency that allows them to participate successfully in all areas required in their program of choice at Academy of Learning.

We are dedicated to student success, so English upgrading opportunities may be recommended to students, should they have difficulty undertaking the program of their choice.

English language proficiency (ELP) requirements noted in this section apply to most Academy of Learning programs.  Where programs are regulated by external agencies (e.g. Health Care Aide Certificate), students must meet the English Language requirement specified by the regulating body as described in the program outline; there are no exceptions.

English Language Proficiency requirements can be met by providing sufficient documentation of any one of the following:

  • English Canadian High School Diploma
    • Language of instruction must be English at an approved Canadian high school
  • Three years of full-time secondary education (high school) in English
    • Language of instruction must be noted on transcript OR
    • Education must be from one of the recognized public colleges or universities approved by Academy of Learning. (see Approved English Language Countries list below)
  • One year of full-time post-secondary education in English
    • Language of instruction must be noted on transcript OR
    • Education must be from one of the recognized public colleges or universities approved by Academy of Learning. (see Approved English Language Countries list below)
  • Ten consecutive years of residency in Canada
  • Acceptable current score on a recognized ELP test
    • The following English language tests and scores are acceptable at Academy of Learning
    • Expired test results will not be considered
Recognized ELP Test Minimum Score Required
IELTS Academic 6 No section scores below 5.5
CELPIP General 7 No section scores below 6
Duolingo English Test 93

Students who are unable to provide sufficient documentation of meeting one of the 5 measures of English language listed above will be required to take one of the standardized English Language Proficiency tests as listed above.

Approved English Language of Instruction

The following countries have been identified as providing instruction in English. If an applicant has completed 3 years of secondary education (high school) in a public (state-funded) school or completed at least one year of full-time higher education (post-secondary) in a recognized public college or university an ELP test is not required. 


  • Anguilla 
  • Antigua and Barbuda 
  • Australia 
  • Bahamas 
  • Barbados  
  • Belize 
  • Bermuda 
  • Botswana 
  • British Virgin Islands 
  • Cameroon 
  • Canada
  • Cayman Islands 
  • Christmas Islands 
  • Cocos Islands 
  • Cook Islands 
  • Dominica
  • Falkland Islands
  • Ghana
  • Gibraltar 
  • Grenada 
  • Guyana 
  • Ireland 
  • Jamaica 
  • Kenya 
  • Lesotho 
  • Malawi 
  • Malta 
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria 
  • Niue 
  • Norfolk Island 
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines 
  • Scotland
  • Sierra Leone 
  • Singapore 
  • South Africa 
  • St Kitts and Nevis 
  • St Lucia 
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines 
  • Eswatiti (formerly Swaziland) 
  • Tanzania 
  • Tonga 
  • Trinidad and Tobago 
  • Turks and Caicos Islands 
  • Uganda 
  • United Kingdom 
  • United States of America 
  • Zambia 
  • Zimbabwe

Tuition & Refund Policies

Tuition and Fees

Courses are presented with all the necessary materials included. All fees are payable to Academy of Learning Career College and may be in the form of Visa, MasterCard, or cash (as accepted by your local college).

A non-refundable International Student Application Fee of $500 will be charged for review of applicant eligibility for admission. 

The total tuition fees are due and payable by the start date unless specific arrangements have been with the college and recorded in the student’s enrollment contract. If the student is being sponsored, the college requires a letter of authorization. Academic credit is not given until all financial obligations have been met.

Transfer Policy

Enrolment contracts are not transferable from one student to another. 

Students must complete their program of study at the college identified on their contract.

If a student wishes to transfer to another Academy of Learning Career College, they must request this in writing from their originating college well in advance of the proposed transfer date.

Transfers are approved at the sole discretion of the College Director of the college location to which the student wants to transfer and will only be considered if the student is in good standing.

Academy of Learning Career College cannot guarantee that a transfer will be approved. This policy is subject to approval from the student’s funding agency and space availability at the college to which the student wants to transfer.

Refund Policy

Section 17 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation specifies the maximum amount of tuition that a private career college can retain when a student contract is terminated.

Regardless of the funding source, the licensed program provider cannot accept more tuition than allowed under the regulation but can accept a lesser amount. According to Section 21 of the regulation, tuition refunds must be paid:

  • to the party that paid the tuition fee
  • within 30 days of termination of the student contract, or the time period specified in an order of the Director of the PCC Branch of Alberta Advanced Education.

The College will refund all tuition fees paid if:

  • The student cancels their contract on or before the 4th business day after signing it
  • Academy of Learning Career College terminates the student contract before training begins
  • Program training does not commence on the start date designated in the student contract

If a student contract is terminated after the vocational training begins, the college is entitled to retain the following amounts of the tuition fees:

(a) when 10% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 25% of the tuition fees;

(b) when more than 10% but 50% or less of the vocational training has been provided, 60% of the tuition fees;

(c) when more than 50% of the vocational training has been provided, 100% of the tuition fees.

For more information go to:

Privacy Policy

Academy of Learning ® Career College is committed to, and accountable for, the protection and proper use of personal information.  As a Private Institution, the Academy of Learning Career College adheres to Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and our commitment extends to meeting or exceeding all of the of the legislated requirements related to personal information. 

“Personal information” is personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, e-mail address, Social Insurance identification, birth date and gender. Personal information is collected when you choose to provide it to us when enrolling for training, requesting information on training from an Academy of Learning Career College, or attending an Academy of Learning Career College to obtain information. Business contact information such as the name, title, business address, e-mail address or telephone number of a business or professional persona or an employee of an organization is not considered personal information.

Access and Disclosure of Personal Information

For access to your personal information, please contact the Campus location directly. Your request must be in writing, and should include enough identifying information, so that we can expeditiously locate your personal information.

Academy of Learning will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. We will only disclose our personal information to third parties:

  • Where you have specifically given us your consent to disclose your personal information for a designated purpose;
  • Who are acting on our behalf, as our agents, suppliers or service providers, solely to enable us to more efficiently provide you with the training and other services that you have requested;
  • To facilitate the provision of training and services that you have requested; or
  • As required by law, including by any order of any court, institution or body with authority to compel the production of information.

Complaint Policy

At the Academy of Learning, we want to hear from our students, whether it is general feedback, opportunity for improvement, or a specific issue that needs addressing. Any student comments, questions or concerns should be sent via email to

If you have any questions or concerns during your training, we encourage you to first discuss them promptly with your Learning Coach or Student Support Services team member.  If you require additional assistance, your Learning Coach or Student Support Services team will approach or direct you to the staff member who will be able to help you.

The Academy of Learning Complaint Policy directs that student complaints that have not been addressed at the campus level with Student Support Services should be escalated to Student Relations at

  • Student complaint submissions must include the following information:
  • Date and time of incident or initial instance if the matter is ongoing.
  • Description of the issue of concern or dispute
  • The steps you have taken to address the concern
  • The steps you feel that the campus has taken to address the concern
  • What resolution are you seeking for this situation?
  • Your best/preferred method of contact and full contact information

The complaint email will be acknowledged as received and the appropriate staff or management will respond directly to the student within a maximum of three business days.

  1. Campus Staff
  2. Student Relations –
  3. Managing Director

Students always have the right to appeal any decision made at any level.  In an email to, students should clearly identify if they are appealing a decision(s) already made and provide all of the appropriate details.

If students have exhausted the above complaint process and feel that their concerns still have not been addressed, they should contact the Franchise Head Office:

Franchise Head Office:
100 York Boulevard, Suite 400
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1J8

Phone: 1-855-996-9977
Fax: 1-855-996-9977

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