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Insurance Advisor courses can prepare you for a broad range of careers within the industry, giving you the advantage of choosing your practice and working in your area of interest. If you’re someone who enjoys analytical tasks and evaluating risks, then a career as an underwriter may be a perfect fit for you.

The moment when you decide to pursue a new career is the moment when you discover new opportunities that broaden your career prospects. Your training allows you to make the most of this moment, equipping you with the skills and experience you need to accelerate your career development. In fact, through our Insurance Advising program, you can begin preparing to write the provincial licensing exam and set yourself up for career success after graduation. 

Read on to discover what a career as an underwriter is like and what benefits you can gain through our Insurance Advisor program!

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Tasks and Duties You Can Expect as an Insurance Underwriter

An insurance underwriter typically works to evaluate risks on behalf of an insurance company, ultimately reviewing insurance applications and choosing to either accept or reject the risks involved in each case. On this note, insurance underwriters also work to establish a price for insurable risks, charging a premium for the agreement of reimbursing clients in the case of potential damages.

When an insurance application is received, an underwriter often refers to their manual in order to follow the right guidelines for assessing risk factors, such as medical history or driving records. They may also depend on special software and actuarial data to facilitate the decision-making process. 

In addition to determining risk factors and establishing the right price, underwriters may even work directly with clients. In these situations, they can provide valuable advice on risk management as well as negotiate different terms and contracts. By taking insurance advisor courses, you can equip yourself with the necessary skills to succeed in this career.

Key Skills to Depend on After Your Insurance Agent Diploma Training

Insurance underwriters rely heavily on strong analytical skills and good judgment. Those with an affinity for numbers and an interest in statistics may be particularly well-suited to this position. Here, being an effective communicator and problem-solver is essential, allowing you to further facilitate your day-to-day tasks—particularly those that involve managing client relationships and assessing complex applications.  

Through insurance advisor courses, you’ll be able to develop key soft and hard skills

During your insurance agent diploma training, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate key soft and hard skills. This includes communication and interpersonal skills through courses on Business Verbal Communication and Customer Service as well as technical skills by practicing on the most commonly used insurance database and quoting software in Canada. 

Considerations to Make When Pursuing a Career as an Insurance Underwriter

It should be noted that underwriters can work in a variety of settings, including at companies that deal with mortgages, loans, investments, or insurance. Each industry has its own set of guidelines and policies, so choosing a program that allows you to pursue the field you’re interested in is a key consideration.

When looking for an insurance advisor college in Alberta, it’s important to consider the community and level of support provided. At our career college, students are given additional training to better prepare them for life after graduation. Through topics on Job Search and Resume Writing as well as Thought Patterns for a Successful Career, you’ll be in a position to receive the support you need to more effectively achieve your personal career goals.

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