Student Experience

Finding your moment in your local community

A Whole New Perspective

At Academy of Learning Career College, student life is community life. Our students are raising families, working part-time or full-time jobs, serving their communities, and enjoying new experiences. What changes during their time isn’t the places they go or the things they do, but their perspective.

At Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), we offer the resources, services and support to help you succeed during your time with us – and beyond – wherever life takes you! Whether you’re looking for tips on adjusting to your new surroundings, interested in activities to get more involved in the Academy of Learning’s community, seeking employment or volunteer opportunities, or overcome challenges that you’re experiencing, we’ll help you get there.

This is why we’ve developed a flexible, virtual college experience supported by real subject matter experts. So you can train for a career you love, on your terms, and make a difference …for you, your family, and your community.


Your AOLCC student experience starts with a simple conversation about your career goals and interests. Our admissions team is here to answer your questions and walk you through every aspect of the application and enrollment process.  Start the process and book an online info session.

Online Info Session

Student Orientation

The orientation process is a great opportunity to learn about our college from academic, administrative and social perspectives. You integrate your life with college life. We have great activities lined up for you on your first day to make your student experience at Academy of Learning Career College memorable one!

We’re Here to Help

Can’t decide what career you want? Which course to take or drop? Are you running out of money, food or time? Trying to come to terms with a relationship-or dealing with a difficult situation? Are you feeling overwhelmed? If you need some help or just someone who will listen while you talk things through, you’ve come to the right place. We listen.

Whether your concerns are academic, career-related or personal, our experienced professional Student Support Team understands what students are dealing with and how to help.

Student Academy Days

Student Academy Days is one of the ways that we recognize our students. This event is held every month where the students and staff gather together online to give recognition to our students and the hard work they did as they progress towards completing their courses. Awards, prizes and guest speakers are just some of the perks of these monthly celebrations.

Graduation Ceremonies

Every year, Academy of Learning Career College hosts a ceremony in honour of all the students that have graduated in the past year. The graduating students and their guests are invited to a prestigious location where everyone is invited to enjoy a full banquet including music and entertainment. Graduating students have their pictures taken by a professional photographer in the traditional graduation cap and gown. This event includes a Valedictorian speech as well as guest speakers from the education industry and government officials. And for our students who are unable to meet, we bring the celebration online! The graduation experience is one that will never be forgotten!