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For several reasons, the insurance industry is in a period of flux. For example, the advancement of technology and the availability of more industry-specific software solutions means that insurance professionals are using more digital tools to complete their responsibilities. In addition, as clients increasingly value personalized experiences, insurance workers are required to put their interpersonal skills to use and provide excellent customer service. 

If you’re considering a career in insurance as a claims assistant, you may benefit from an update on the nature of this role, where you’ll work, how to succeed, and what steps you should take to begin your career. Insurance advisor courses with Academy of Learning help prepare students for the stimulating work as a claims assistant. 

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What Is a Claims Assistant? 

Claims assistants are responsible for managing the insurance claims process within a company. Their role is multi-faceted and they may be involved in a variety of tasks, from intake to investigation to resolution. If you’re interested in this career path, you’ll have many options at your disposal regarding your work environment. You can find work in insurance companies, hospitals, and government agencies. A claim assistant typically works the standard 40-hour week and they can earn a rather competitive salary. So, what specific duties can you expect to take on as a future claims assistant? 

What Duties Will You Fulfill After Finishing Your Insurance Advisor Diploma? 

After you’ve completed your insurance advisor diploma, your role will include reviewing incoming insurance claims and determining whether they are eligible for coverage. You may also be responsible for processing new applications for coverage and managing a wide variety of customer service issues. You’ll be required to collaborate with multiple departments within your company and individuals in order to collect the necessary information to process an insurance claim. Processing payments is another duty you’ll have as a claims assistant, and you’ll likely complete this part of your role on a software system specifically designed for managing insurance claims. In a specialized role, you’ll find there are a variety of skills that will contribute to your success. 

Tips for Success as a Claims Assistant 

Because you’ll have an exciting mix of responsibilities to attend to as a claims assistant, there are a number of soft skills that you should develop in order to maximize your potential in this role. Communication skills are a must for claims assistants. You’ll likely need to speak with clients in-person, over the phone, or via email in a professional and friendly manner. You’ll also need to communicate effectively with members of your team to gather crucial information and ensure the accuracy of any information you have on record. 

As a claims assistant, you will surely be managing sensitive information. For this reason, attention to detail is an important skill to practice, as your team will benefit greatly from your ability to identify mistakes or discrepancies in paperwork. Computer proficiency and specialized insurance knowledge are some other technical skills you’ll need. When you complete your insurance agent training diploma with us, you’ll receive all the support you’ll need to foster these skills. 

Communication is one of the vital skills you’ll need after completing your insurance agent training diploma

Why Study With Us? 

When you complete insurance advisor courses at the Academy of Learning, you will receive training from the only organization in Canada that combines preparation training with hands-on practice managing insurance products. Once you graduate, you will be prepared to write the provincial licensing exam. By learning to answer client inquiries, complete forms correctly, use relevant software applications, process miscellaneous documentation, manage client data, and work effectively in an office setting, you’ll be fully equipped to pursue a successful career in the industry. 

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