Help a friend earn more money in a career they love

Students and Alumni! Do you know someone who could use a fresh start? Refer them to Academy of Learning Career College and we’ll give you $500 when they start their program.

*only valid in Alberta

Refer Your Friend

young woman referring her friends to Academy of Learning Career College
Help a Friend. Collect $500.

It’s easy to help someone you care about find their fresh start.

Step 1: Refer Your Friend

Actually, that’s it. Just one step :)

When you refer your friend, we’ll take care of everything. And once your friend starts their diploma or certificate program, we’ll give you a $500 Cheque!

Refer Your Friend

Five Hundred Dollars?

Yes, $500 – every time you refer a friend who starts a program with us. But you don’t have to think of it as cash only. Think of it like a weekend getaway, a fancy family night out, holiday shopping, front row seats, a new lawn mower, an outstanding bill payment, or an opportunity to elevate your stamp collection. The sky is the limit.

Five Hundred Dollars

A Fresh Start.

Got a friend who could use a better job that pays more? With over 30 years of experience and 100,000+ successful graduates, there is no better way to help a friend or family member find their fresh start than with Academy of Learning Career College.

Fresh Start

Help a friend. And get rewarded.

Refer a friend today, make a difference, and as a thank-you from us, treat yourself with $500.

Refer Your Friend