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Insurance Advisors work in an environment that ranges from administrative to technical work. In recent years, Canada has seen a shortage of these qualified professionals, spurring a high demand in the field. The insurance industry offers numerous career paths, from insurance broker and sales representative to account manager and underwriter. Once you have finished earning your Insurance Advisor diploma, the first step to landing any one of these positions is always to craft a winning cover letter. Employers today are looking for candidates with knowledge of the industry, but also those who demonstrate passion and commitment to advancing their journey in the field. With the relevant skills, qualifications, and experience, you can do just that. The moment you realize your own potential is the moment you transform your career path in a buzzing industry. 

1. Start by Researching the Company

Writing a cover letter is about making an investment in your future. For that reason, it’s important to take the time to research and write it with the correct audience in mind. Every company is different, and every employer will be looking for candidates who are the right fit for them. Before writing your cover letter, you should review the job description and pay close attention to any specific requirements of the position. Beyond that, research the company’s website to get an idea of its core mission and culture. With a clear understanding of what the employer is looking for, you can tailor your cover letter to meet their needs while demonstrating some specific interests you have for the job. 

2. Link Your Skills to the Position 

Insurance advisor courses will prepare you for a range of positions, including insurance agent, customer service representative, and claims assistant. The program at AOLCC provides students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in these different capacities. From answering customer inquiries to maintaining confidential files and using software applications, your professional duties in the industry can vary. When crafting a cover letter, connect your skills to the position at hand to show why you’re a good fit for the job. You might choose to highlight your customer service, problem-solving, or technological skills, depending on the role. In the process, employers will view you as a positive addition to their company. 

3. Emphasize Relevant Previous Experience 

In any industry today, experience is golden. Employers are not only looking for candidates with the right skills and qualifications – they also want to see that you can apply them in the right context. Any experience you have in a professional setting, including internships, should be of high priority on your cover letter. For students earning their insurance agent training diploma at AOLCC, practical experience is built into the program. In fact, the Academy of Learning is currently the only organization in Canada offering a program that incorporates license preparation training along with actual hands-on experience with insurance products. Students will explore different practices of the industry and apply the most commonly used insurance database and quoting software in Canada. Employers can rest assured that you’ll be ready to take on the duties of a professional workplace. 


Focus on the experience gained through your insurance advisor courses

4. Highlight Your Insurance Advisor Diploma

Earning a recognized qualification is one of the best ways to highlight your commitment to a career in the industry. Those with an insurance advisor diploma on their cover letter will stand out from the crowd as more qualified candidates for professional work. The program at AOLCC is delivered in partnership with the Professional Development Training Center, preparing students to write their Level 1 Provincial Licensing examination. By highlighting the skills and certificates you received through an official program, you can show your dedication to building a career path in the industry today. 


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