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A career that pays well can make all the difference. In fact, for many graduates, the moment when they can comfortably support their family and stop stressing about finances is a pivotal one.

Fortunately, diploma training for insurance advising could be just what you need to advance yourself to a higher paying job. Insurance advisors, also referred to as insurance agents or insurance brokers, answer inquiries from clients, update files, and complete many other tasks. With an average salary of over $60,000, pursuing training for this career path is an investment that can have a big impact on your future.

Read on to learn more about how AOLCC can help you prepare for this line of work, giving you the right tools to succeed.

Provincial Licensing Exam Prep Through Insurance Advisor Diploma Training

The program at AOLCC includes preparation for your provincial licensing exam, which is a requirement to work as an insurance advisor in Alberta. Students will write their Level 1 Provincial Licensing examination through our partnership with the Professional Development Training Centre.

Of course, it’s understandable that some might feel stressed or nervous about passing such an important exam. Fortunately, the exam preparation included in the insurance agent training diploma program will help you feel ready to approach it with confidence. With the help of our supportive learning environment, you can develop the skills you need to succeed.

An insurance advisor diploma can help you find a job that is fulfilling and lucrative

An insurance advisor diploma can help you find a job that is fulfilling and lucrative

An Insurance Agent Training Diploma Covers Important Software Skills

Being up to date on the current technology used by insurance advisors is key for success. Skills that you will work on in insurance agent training will include using software applications efficiently and knowledgeably, as applicable to your future career. You will be familiarized with the most commonly used software programs within the field in Canada. With modules on various aspects of Microsoft Suite, Windows, and keyboard skills, you will be able to add more technical competencies to your resume, making you hireable and able to market more skills for a higher-paying job.

An Insurance Advisor Diploma Includes Hands-On Experience

AOLCC runs the only insurance advisor diploma program in Canada that offers both hands-on, practical learning through real experiences, as well as preparation for the provincial exam. The combination of the two makes for an efficient and balanced program, in a supportive environment where you can quickly and conveniently work your way through the content of the course.

You will be given a chance to gain experience using insurance quoting and database software so that you are comfortable with them as you leave for the professional world. In addition, students also complete the course Thought Patterns for a Successful Career as part of their program. This innovative course can help you strengthen important skills like self-discipline, which can benefit you as you launch your career and grow professionally.

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