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The same skill sets are often required to be successful in many educational, work, or personal experiences. These are known as transferable or portable skills because they can be applied to different situations. For example, if you have the ability to pay close attention to detail, you will find a use for this skill in a variety of jobs whether they require administration, research, proofreading, listening, or other detail-oriented tasks.

The breadth of a legal assistant program will provide you with the opportunity to develop transferable skills by training you in different areas of law, software programs, office procedures, and many other subjects. A hands-on and individualized approach will make sure you develop skills that are widely applicable to your career goals. There are many different duties and responsibilities for which legal assistants must be prepared. Here are a few skills to highlight and bolster your credentials.

Organization and Time Management Skills

When you do legal assistant training, you will be among a community of people who are investing in their future careers. Balancing coursework with your personal life requires the same kind of organizational and time management skills that a legal administrative assistant must have to keep the priorities of an office in order.

For example, keeping track of timelines for many clients, filing electronic and physical documents, and scheduling meetings all depend on good organization and time management. If you can demonstrate organizational skills in different areas, you will show that you have the ability to make an office run efficiently.

Legal Administration Assistant Courses Cover Computer Skills

These days there are very few jobs that do not require computer skills. This is why legal administration assistant courses build keyboarding and transcription skills as well as proficiency in a number of different software programs and internet platforms, such as Excel, Outlook, and Word.

Although the types of law and lawyers may vary, the necessity of computer skills will not. Legal assistants count on these skills to do daily tasks, such as taking notes at a meeting or transcribing notes from the court, doing online research, emailing clients and colleagues, and compiling information in spreadsheets. Highlighting that you have computer skills will give you access to finding a job you are passionate about.

Computer skills will support you in finding the right job and then excelling in it

Computer skills will support you in finding the right job and then excelling in it

Communication Skills

Communication skills connect to numerous aspects of the legal assistant profession. Your position working under the direction of lawyers will include communicating with them as well as their clients and colleagues. Most offices function better when people are able to work together and as an administrative assistant your communication skills will hold the team together.

Similar to many other career college programs, education in legal assistance will give you the momentum to build on your communication skills. Beyond writing emails and greeting clients in person or on the phone, you will also be prepared with knowledge of legal terminology, concepts, and documents that will make your communication with lawyers effective and productive. This is why expressing these skills to potential employers is essential.

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