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Immigration has always been an integral part of Canada’s story. Today. Immigration still plays a vital role in the country’s growth. From 2021 to 2022, Canada welcomed 492,984 immigrants seeking asylum and new opportunities. If you’re interested in a law administration career, immigration paralegal training could be an excellent option. Keep reading to discover how the competencies you’ll learn in the immigration administrative assistant diploma program will help you make a positive impact on the lives of families seeking to immigrate to Canada. 

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Make Immigration Easier for Clients by Completing Applications on Their Behalf

Though exciting, the immigration process can certainly be overwhelming for families who are new to Canada, with all of the paperwork to be completed and deadlines to be adhered to. For instance, families seeking sponsorship are required to fill out permanent residency applications. This will often be a priority for many of your clients as, in many immigration cases, not all family members can travel to Canada at once. By filling out permanent residency applications on behalf of your clients, you’re helping them through the process of reuniting with their loved ones, which will undoubtedly be a rewarding part of your job. After immigration assistant training, you may also need to apply for work permits, student visas, citizenships, and temporary visas for visitors on behalf of your clients.

Empower Clients by Educating Them About Their Rights After You Become a Paralegal 

Once you become an immigration paralegal, you’ll find that many of your clients must overcome numerous barriers. Luckily, they’ll have your guidance throughout the process. Since English won’t be their first language and they likely won’t have much legal knowledge, your clients may experience some confusion around the process itself, what is required of them, and what their rights are. 

Empower your clients with information as an immigration administrative assistant

With the legal knowledge you’ll gain in our immigration administrative assistant diploma program, you can empower clients by keeping them informed. This will undoubtedly make them feel comfortable and in control. Be sure to use your organizational skills and attention to detail to keep track of important deadlines and keep clients in the loop with consistent communication. You may need to leverage translation services or software to make important information as clear as possible.

Offer Your Support as The Main Point of Contact For Your Clients

During the immigration process, paralegals are mainly responsible for client communication. As the primary point of contact, your clients will appreciate the ongoing help they receive from you, not only to answer their legal questions but also to offer moral support throughout an overwhelming time. 

After earning your immigration assistant diploma, in addition to communicating regularly with clients, you will also be responsible for various other tasks, including case/file management, financial management, and professional record keeping. With the solid knowledge base our program provides, you can be sure that you’re offering your clients the support they need to experience a smooth transition into Canadian life.  

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