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Working in a legal setting means working in an exciting and fulfilling area. With any number of cases active in a law firm at any given time, there are always many important administrative duties that need to be taken care of to ensure that everyone stays organized and on task. In your legal assistant training, you’ll learn to complete tasks that you will be expected to oversee during your future career.

Curious about what those are? Here’s a look at a few of the things you’ll learn to do during your training program.

1. You’ll Learn About Maintaining Minute Books

“Minute books,” which include information about meeting records, firm or company bylaws, and a list of directors and their roles, are common in legal offices and many other kinds of businesses. They simplify the process of keeping thorough records of firm or company activities and also act as a reference that can be turned to when operational questions arise.

Properly maintained minute books can do a lot to keep a high level of efficiency and organization in a law office. For this reason, it’s important that legal assistants enter their careers knowing the proper protocol for keeping these books updated and accurate. Completing the legal administrative assistant program at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) will provide you with extensive training in doing just that. In the Corporate/ Commercial Law course included in the program, you’ll learn all about properly maintaining minute books—among several other important lessons. Not only is this skill essential for working in a legal environment, but it’s also a skill that is transferable to general corporate assistance work as well, meaning that mastering it is a great way to make yourself marketable to a wide variety of opportunities.

Properly maintained minute books are useful references for law offices

Properly maintained minute books are useful references for law offices

2. You’ll Learn to Use Business Math Skills

Business math plays an important role in many legal offices, and if you become a legal assistant, you may be responsible for completing some of these calculations. That’s why knowing how to calculate interest, net present values, payments on loans, and more is an essential skill needed by any aspiring legal assistant.

For this reason, our legal assistant training program places importance on helping you develop this skillset. In the Business Math course included in your training, you’ll learn how to perform calculations with confidence—paving the way to a bright career.

Legal assistants often transcribe audio or digital recordings into text

Legal assistants often transcribe audio or digital recordings into text

3. Your Legal Assistant Training Will Teach You to Be an Accurate Transcriber

Legal professionals do a lot of talking, and while it’s simple to make digital recordings of these conversations, it’s far less simple to go through them to find specific information. For that reason, legal assistants are often tasked with performing transcription duties. They may be asked to watch or listen to recordings made by lawyers or paralegals and then type out a record of who said what, and at what time so that the notes can be easily consulted later.

Accuracy and typing speed can both be important qualities for legal assistants to have. For that reason, it’s important to choose a legal assistant training program that will provide you not only with training inaccurate transcription but will also allow you to practice your keyboarding to improve your overall speed. Doing so will be fantastic preparation for the speedy turnaround time that is often required in legal offices, and allow you to turn in high-quality transcriptions every time.

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