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If you’re interested in legal assistant training, you may assume that the vast majority of your role will take place in a law firm. While naturally, there are many legal assistant opportunities available in that setting, if you decide that a firm is not actually your ideal work environment, don’t be discouraged! There are plenty of lesser-known work settings where legal assistants are very much in demand. If you’re interested in starting a legal career, know that you have plenty of options, and the moment when you’re informed about them, you’ll have the freedom to pursue the path that’s right for you. Below, discover three dynamic work environments where you could use your skill set and what working in each one might be like.

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1. You Can Start Your Legal Career in a Corporate Setting 

Though you can become a legal assistant for a firm that mainly handles corporate cases, you can also be hired to be a part of a private company’s in-house counsel. Corporate law involves a wide variety of responsibilities, and being a legal assistant in this setting will undoubtedly offer you a lot of valuable information. Corporate law can involve writing contracts, managing insurance disputes, helping a business incorporate, establishing a business structure, and more. As a legal assistant in this role, you may help with any of these tasks. If you’ve always been interested in the world of business and you’re wondering how to combine that with your passion for law, this is an excellent work environment to pursue after graduating from legal administration assistant training

2. There’s Plenty of Need in Government Agencies 

If you’re passionate about ensuring that everyday citizens receive quality legal services and are interested in serving the government to accomplish this goal, a government agency position might be perfect for you. Government agencies are involved in almost every aspect of the law, so this sort of position is ideal if you are interested in seeing how the law works on a greater scale. In this setting, you’ll work as part of a team and perform tasks such as locating and compiling information, preparing legal documents, filing court documents, organizing files, responding to client inquiries, following up, and other administrative tasks. 

3. Make an Impact in a Non-Profit 

If you’re pursuing a legal career, you’re likely familiar with the fact that members of marginalized groups and those without financial resources often face barriers to accessing the legal services they need. This can leave them in vulnerable situations that can significantly reduce their quality of life. There are several non-profit organizations involved in delivering quality legal services to those who have limited access to them, and there is plenty of need for legal assistants in this setting. You might be responsible for interacting with clients in order to gather key information, prepare legal documents, conduct relevant legal research, perform administrative tasks and more. 

Consider starting a legal career in a non-profit organization

 No matter what work environment you choose in the end, the right legal assistant training is what will set you up for a successful legal career. At the Academy of Learning, our Legal Administrative Assistant diploma program will teach you all the inner workings of the legal system. You’ll learn the proper preparation of legal documents, legal transcription, and essential administrative tasks. 

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