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It’s not uncommon to feel stuck in your current career path. You might feel that your occupation doesn’t align with your goals, or that there may be a lack of opportunities for advancement within your field. Whatever the case may be, the good news is that it’s never too late to make a change! Vocational training offers students an opportunity to transition into an industry that they’re passionate about, and where the work they perform is truly rewarding. Within a career college program, students not only build practical skills that they’ll use on the job, they’re also able to transition seamlessly into an established career field with plenty of opportunity for growth. 

Whether your goal is to earn more or to enter an in-demand industry, the moment when you enroll in vocational training, you’ll enter a quick pathway to a new beginning. Below, discover why vocational training is the best investment that you can make for a better future.

Vocational College Programs Give You Practical Experience

One of the major benefits of vocational training is that it offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience. Unlike a traditional four-year institution, vocational schools offer specialized training programs targeted to specific career paths, such as Office Administration or Community Service Work. Career college programs at the Academy of Learning are industry-aligned, designed to equip students with the specific skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to land a job. Students are also trained by instructors who are experts within their industry, offering them an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about what it takes to succeed in their career. Graduates of vocational training programs are job-ready, as they’ve already obtained the practical skills and experience they’ll use throughout their career.

You’ll gain practical skills you can use on the job through vocational training

You’ll gain practical skills you can use on the job through vocational training

Transition Directly into a Well-Paying Career

Not only does vocational training equip students with practical skills, it also prepares them to enter a well-paying career in an in-demand industry. The Academy of Learning Career College offers students the chance to train in industries such as Healthcare, Business, Technology, Accounting, Legal, Hospitality, and more. Within these industries, students can transition into careers where there is both job security as well as opportunities for financial growth and upward mobility. What’s more, on average, graduates of the Academy earn 60% more than minimum wage. Students have access to admissions advisors who are available to guide them in the search for employment, helping them to determine the jobs and income brackets associated with each program. With the opportunity to land a well-paying job right after training, you’ll be making a great investment in your future by enrolling in a career college program.

You’ll Build a Strong Network of Connections

Vocational training sets you up for a successful, rewarding future in more ways than one. If you’re feeling stuck in your current situation, enrolling in a career college program is a great way to not only enter a new industry, but also to develop a network of connections within that industry. Students are able to get to know one another and their instructors thanks to smaller class sizes, leaving them with a host of friends and contacts in their industry upon graduation. Additionally, some programs require that graduates complete an externship, connecting students with businesses and organizations within their industry before they even graduate. By attending the Academy of Learning’s network of career colleges in Calgary, you can invest in your future and be rewarded with a fulfilling, well-paying career. Are you feeling ready to pursue a new professional working path?

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