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Have you been feeling stuck or lost recently? Whether you’re struggling to find a fulfilling career path, or are looking to make a change which will improve your overall quality of lie, vocational training could be the fresh start you need. Often, in the face of challenging circumstances, it can be difficult to gather the courage and determination to make a change. However, if you’re seeking the opportunity to build new skills, gain more knowledge, and transition into a career in a different field, there’s no better way to do it than with career college programs. At the Academy of Learning Career College, Alberta’s largest network of vocational training institutions, students are starting their new beginnings every day. The moment when you enroll in a program at AOLCC, you’ll join the cohort of over 100,000 students who have made the decision to change their life for the better. 

If a fresh start sounds like something that you need, read on to discover why enrolling in a career college program may be the right decision for you. 

Build New Skills Quickly in Career College Programs

If you’re seeking a fresh start, it’s likely that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of making your next move many times. You might feel held back by your current employer, your financial situation, or even your fear of not succeeding. Whatever the case, starting a new beginning has never been easier than with vocational career college programs. Unlike traditional four-year universities, career college programs have a shorter duration, typically lasting less than a year. 

The shorter duration is due to the specialized nature of the programs, which focus on helping students to build practical skills, enabling them to enter a specific industry upon graduation. When you complete your training for a career at a vocational institution like AOLCC, you’ll be able to build practical skills quickly. Equipped with practical, industry-aligned knowledge, you’ll be able to succeed in embarking on your new career path in no time.

Career college programs help you to build industry-aligned skills in no time

Career college programs help you to build industry-aligned skills in no time

Flexible Scheduling Makes the Transition Easier

When you enroll in a career college program at AOLCC, you’ll have the opportunity to make your schedule work for you. When it comes to getting a fresh start by training for a new career, it’s not unusual to be concerned about whether you’ll have enough time. If you have family commitments, or are worried about accommodating courses along with your work schedule, it’s important to note that with vocational training at AOLCC, you’ll be able to study either online or in-person, depending on your scheduling needs. Additionally, AOLCC uses an Integrated Learning System (ILS) as its primary form of learning experience for students. With the ILS, students can develop their own path toward achieving course outcomes, creating a schedule that works for them while receiving personalized support from a learning coach. For those who are worried about whether they’ll be able to successfully complete their vocational training, the support and flexibility offered by AOLCC makes the transition easy. 

You’ll Be Prepared to Launch a Well-Paying Career After Graduating

Not only will vocational training help you to succeed in building practical skills while benefiting from flexible scheduling, it also leads to well-paying careers. When you complete your training at AOLCC, you’ll be taught by industry experts who will ensure that by the time you complete a program, you’re qualified to launch your career. What’s more, AOLCC graduates earn 60% more than minimum wage on average. Students also have access to AOLCC’s unique network of support, translating to an 85% average job placement rate across each Alberta campus. 

With more than 30 different programs to choose from, you’re sure to find a program (and later, a career) in an industry where you can explore your passions and interests. If you’re looking for a fresh start by training for a career you can feel passionate about that also pays well, start discovering what AOLCC’s career colleges in Calgary and other Alberta locations have to offer. 

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