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Since the pioneers of the mid-nineteenth century, folks have been migrating and journeying to Alberta. Today, the province continues to welcome people from around the world. With the majestic Rockies, 600 lakes, 245 rivers, boreal forest, badlands, and a temperate climate, Alberta is also a major tourist destination!

Edmonton, in particular, has begun to establish itself as a compelling destination for tourists, with more than seven million annually. As a booming hotspot for tourism, it’s becoming a logical location to study hospitality management.

Let’s see what makes the Edmonton experience so remarkable!

You’re Not a Tourist in Edmonton, You’re Part of a Community

A feeling of belonging is essential for fostering positive experiences and helping students feel that they are welcome. For those who undertake education or decide to complete a hospitality diploma in Canada’s 5th largest city, having opportunities to connect are easy.

Edmonton is one of the sunniest cities in North America, and with its multiple parks, farmer’s markets and numerous festivals, it’s easy to meet people. After sunset, the city’s vibrant nightlife is abuzz. You might stopover in the French quarter to check out the patio sessions or dive into the nightclubs on Whyte Avenue. There’s always something going on to help people connect. For someone taking hospitality management training this sense of Edmonton being a place where things are always happening means there are plenty of employment opportunities in the hospitality industry.

And if you’re into shopping… Well, have you heard of the largest mall in North America? The West Edmonton Mall (WEM) attracts approximately 30 million visitors a year—twice as many as Disneyland! It is home to more than 800 stores, employs over 24,000 people, and boasts an amusement park and the world’s largest indoor lake. Other Edmonton attractions, like the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Royal Alberta Museum, and Fort Edmonton Park all help make Edmonton an exciting place for tourism and hospitality students.

With many festivals, events, and attractions, Edmonton is a tourism hotspot

With many festivals, events, and attractions, Edmonton is a tourism hotspot

A Short Drive from Edmonton Brings You Closer to Nature

If you’d like to take a break from the city and become more familiar with what the Edmonton region has to offer, there are plenty of natural attractions a short drive away. Becoming familiar with the region’s top attractions during your hospitality training is not only a great way to relax. It can also help you excel in your hospitality management career by giving you firsthand experience of popular attractions.

For example, you can visit Elk Island National Park. While it might be slightly less renowned than Jasper, Elk Island is much closer to Edmonton. After a short 35-minute drive, you can find yourself picnicking or hiking the beautiful terrain where you might see over 250 species of birds, elk, and bison.

Alternatively, the Pembina River is a tributary of the Athabasca River in central Alberta. It’s especially popular for tubing and it’s only an hour away from the city. Or, at Sylvan Lake, you can boat, fish, swim, paddle-board or simply kick up your feet and read a book. You might also take a walk along the boardwalk, visit the pier, or take yourself into town to enjoy restaurants and other local amenities. With so many things to do in and near Edmonton, you’ll not only have lots of fun studying here, but you’ll also get to experience for yourself what tourists are drawn to—and that insight can help you thrive in your tourism and hospitality career.

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