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If you’re considering a career in hospitality management, chances are that you love to see others have a great time. In addition, you likely enjoy the process of planning and coordinating a quality recreational experience for others. What better place to direct your passion for planning a good time than the tourism industry? Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, and with quality career training in recreation management, you’ll be fully equipped to meet the demands of a tourist advisor position. Keep reading to learn more about your duties in this role, your skills to succeed, and how we can help you reach your career goals.

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What Do Tourist Advisors Do? 

If you know what it takes to create the perfect vacation, you’re already at a great advantage when landing a tourist advisor position. Simply put, tourist advisors are responsible for organizing vacations for clients from start to finish which involves coordinating tickets, accommodation, transportation, and activities.

Those tasks require tourist advisors to determine your client’s needs (including a budget, length of stay, and dates), suggest package deals accordingly, and keep them well informed on all pertinent details regarding their trip and the region they’re visiting. Your role also involves ensuring that deposits are paid and provisions are in place that cater to your client’s medical and mobility needs. If you choose a tourist advisor position after hospitality management training, you’ll never be bored as your role will be multi-faceted.

What Skills Make a Great Tourist Advisor?

A great tourist advisor should possess various organizational, interpersonal, and industry-specific skills. As briefly discussed, tourist advisor roles will require you to manage a large volume of information and use it to plan vacations effectively and efficiently. Strong time management and planning skills will help you deal with many clients simultaneously, contributing to a travel agency’s productivity and profitability.

There will never be a dull moment after hospitality management training

Throughout your hospitality management career, your role will likely be front-facing as you’ll be required to deal with clients and use your persuasive abilities to sell the right package to the right traveller. Listening to clients attentively helps you obtain all of the information you’ll need to make the proper selection, while being personable will help you establish trust and spur action from clients. Industry-specific tourist advisor skills include an understanding of travel software, the ability to monitor travel trends and knowledge of various destinations. To develop all of these essential competencies, the best place to start is a quality training program.

How Our Hospitality Management Training Program Will Help You Succeed 

Our 34-week hospitality management diploma program prepares students to thrive in a fast-paced, challenging, and rewarding field. After our hospitality management courses, you’ll be fully equipped with the above skills with thorough lessons on hospitality sales and marketing, the tourism and hospitality industry, Windows and Microsoft applications, and more. Upon completion, you will have received a Hospitality Operations Certificate, Rooms Division Certificate, and Hospitality Management Diploma, which will give you a competitive edge during your job search. 

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