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As a web developer, your ability to work well with people – both your colleagues and customers is equally as crucial as your tech skills. Suppose you intend to pursue a career in web development as part of a corporate team or as an entrepreneur. In that case, polishing your customer service skills will help you interact more effectively with your colleagues, increase customer satisfaction, and improve your ability to land new clients. 

Customer service skills refer to an organization’s ability to cultivate positive, lasting relationships with customers through attentively assessing and meeting their needs. Traditionally, customer service tasks are left to customer service representatives and managers; however, in recent years, organizations have realized that including all team members in the customer service process is beneficial in various ways. This applies to roles that are not traditionally front-facing – like the role of a web developer. Keep reading to explore the role of a web developer, where customer service skills will fit your role, and how our diploma program will help you reach your career goals. 

The Role of a Web Developer

Web developers use their knowledge of various coding languages to build websites on the back and front end. After web developer training, your duties will include consulting with clients about website objectives, writing code, collaborating with graphic designers, continually fixing errors, monitoring website performance, and keeping software up to date. As you complete all of these essential functions, when you become a web developer, you’ll need to recruit a range of soft skills like problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, and customer service. 

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Web developer training provides you with a knowledge of fundamental website-building skills

Why Customer Service Skills Matter After Web Developer Training 

Web developers must possess strong customer service skills to land and retain clients. What might this look like on the job? When it comes to communication, a web developer demonstrating strong customer service skills will ensure that they are clear, positive, and solution-focused. The technological literacy of clients will vary greatly, meaning that web developers must adjust their customer service efforts depending on each individual’s level of industry knowledge. After web developer courses, good customer service can also mean developing a protocol for handling customer service issues like complaints to save time and avoid misunderstandings. 

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Our web developer training program prepares graduates to provide excellent customer service

The Skills You Can Expect to Develop in Training

In our 47-week web developer diploma program, our students learn all the fundamentals of web development, including HTML, JavaScript, various design tools, and much more. Students receive a well-rounded knowledge base that enables them to pursue success in a web development career as they take courses in business essentials, project management, customer service, and many more soft skills. Upon graduation, students can begin their job search and pursue desirable positions like a web developer and a software developer. 

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