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As life returns to normal in the post-pandemic period, the future seems bright for the hospitality industry with hotels and tourism services bouncing back after lockdowns and adapting to changes in the market. The moment when you set your mind on a career in hospitality is the moment you become part of an industry that’s building trust and engagement, redefining the customer experience, and employing technology to create new opportunities. 

In other words, the hospitality industry is steering towards a new normal. For an aspiring hospitality management professional, that new normal is shaping up to be a significant source of hope and success within the hospitality industry. Read on to learn more about what the new normal means!

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The Need for New Talent From a Hospitality Program

In response to the pandemic and lockdowns over the last few years, many hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions are now paying close attention to their talent selection. Learning from the disruptions of recent years, these businesses are now developing a future-forward mindset that will allow them to adapt to other volatile circumstances that may arise. The need for new talent with the technical and problem-solving skills to think strategically is more important than ever. 

Training through the hospitality program at AOLCC will give you the management and operational skills to help you address unforeseen situations that may arise within the industries. Businesses will be looking to your innovation and creativity to ensure that they continue to make a successful recovery and remain resilient in the face of challenges. 

Domestic Visits Are a Beacon of Hope

As the world returns to normal, domestic travellers are getting back on the road and helping the hospitality and tourism industries back on their feet. Despite the effects of the pandemic, the Canadian community has held strong to their desire to explore different provinces and local destinations on their doorstep. After you complete your hospitality management courses, you’ll notice the new norm for the hospitality industry is a strong focus on attracting and supporting local tourism. Hotels in Alberta have seen an uptick in occupancy this year in comparison to the years before, due to the rising demand of domestic visitors looking for leisure activities and new experiences after lockdown. It all starts locally! This rise in domestic travel to Alberta and other provinces offers a beacon of hope for international tourism as well. 

After completing your hospitality program, you’ll notice domestic travel returning to normal

Marketing Will Be More Important Than Ever

After you complete your hospitality management training at our career college, you’ll notice a move to rethink or redefine marketing strategies within the hospitality and tourism industries. With so many people staying home and hotels and businesses being forced to close, marketing efforts came to a halt during the pandemic. Now, as tourism returns to normal and new digital platforms take hold, businesses in the hospitality industry are looking to revamp their marketing strategies to take advantage of new opportunities. Hotels, restaurants, and tourist attraction sites will have to make use of digital marketing campaigns with online advertisements, content marketing, and more to target and reach the right audience. Through training in hospitality management, you can prepare to take the lead in this area with an understanding of the marketing strategies to employ in the hospitality and tourism industries. 

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