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Tourism in Canada is a thriving sector. All the way back in 2013, our tourism industry was already generating a stunning $84 billion—more than our forestry, fisheries, and agriculture sectors combined—and was comprised of an impressive 170,000 tourism businesses. Since then, Canada’s 150th birthday and our designation as the top country to visit in 2017 has helped push those numbers even further.

But whether you want to join Canada’s thriving tourism sector after graduation or take your career around the world, one thing is clear: a career in tourism is unlike any other. Meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and investigating new trends taking over the industry means that no two days will ever be the same. In fact, there are a few important changes happening in tourism that you might see throughout your career. Here’s a look at these up-and-coming trends.

More and More Pros With Hospitality Training Are Adding Local Flavours and Ingredients to Menus

Gone are the days when travellers wanted consistency and familiarity from their hotels, no matter where they were on the planet. Instead, more and more tourists are searching for local touches infused into everything from hotel decor to restaurant menus.

Hospitality training teaches students about the importance of meeting and even exceeding guest expectations—whether that experience is happening at a hotel’s front desk or in its restaurant. Accordingly, many hotel restaurants have started to include more and more local ingredients, sometimes even changing their menus regularly as different fruits and vegetables come in season.

During your hospitality career, you could add a local twist to your hotel’s restaurant by using farm-fresh and in-season fruits and vegetables. Or you could even add a few signature dishes like steak or bison burgers for added local flavour. In addition, some crafty B&Bs, hotels, and hostels are even taking local to a whole new level by having on-site herb and vegetable gardens, leaving no shortage of options for clever professionals who want to add a new spin to their hotel restaurant’s menu.

Local and seasonal ingredients are making waves in restaurant menusExperiences Are Becoming an Increasingly Important Part of the Mix

Tasting delicious local treats isn’t the only way that tourists want to engage with their hotel and destination—far from it! More and more guests are also turning to their hotel for activities—whether that includes a tour of nearby destinations or simply a few recommendations about the best hotspots to enjoy.

Once you graduate from your hospitality management program, you might soon see your hotel or others like it offer everything from cooking classes to golf lessons, horseback rides, and more. Big brand hotels are especially interested in this trend, as they search for ways to reward customer loyalty and set themselves apart from Airbnb and other competitors.

Adding a fun wellness twist to tours and other activities can be one way to tap into the wellness trend

Adding a fun wellness twist to tours and other activities can be one way to tap into the wellness trend

Wellness Is Another Top Trend Taking Over Hospitality and Tourism

While vacations are often about indulgence, many travellers have started to have a different outlook on their downtime. In fact, many now want wellness to be an important part of their vacation, whether that means partaking in fun-but-challenging physical activities like hikes through beautiful scenery or enjoying serene meditation sessions in a tranquil setting. For this reason, many hotels are adding new exercise equipment to their on-site gyms, extra features to their on-site spas, or squeezing juice bars into lobbies or other common spaces. In Edmonton’s Westin hotel, for example, guests can even go on jogging tours of the city through the hotel chain’s trademarked RunWESTIN™ program.

For ambitious hospitality professionals, tapping into this trend could include providing in-room fitness equipment like yoga mats and exercise bikes, or even having dedicated technology-free zones where guests can unwind without the distraction of a smartphone. There’s no shortage of inspiring ways for graduates to innovate throughout their careers!

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