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Students in marketing programs learn quickly that marketing campaigns have many moving parts, especially with new digital technologies and tools which change how we view and plan new campaign strategies. The best tool used in determining the success of a campaign is a practice known as tracking, which helps identify how users discover and interact with a client’s brand.

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Tracking Through Social Media Can Make or Break Your Campaign

Working on a campaign in the digital age presents new and exciting methods to reach and communicate with new consumers. Every brand, from retail to tech, more likely than not has a presence on the web. This means marketers can easily engage with their audience using the principles and lessons taught to them in their marketing and events coordinator courses.

Social media can be beneficial when tracking a campaign because it directs traffic to a client’s website, and the more views a site has, the higher it ranks in search engines, which makes it more visible to new consumers. One of the difficulties in tracking is determining where and how new users are referred to a website, and engagement on social media can take away a lot of speculation by offering clean data that can then be analyzed to see if a campaign is performing well or poorly and needs to be readjusted. It also provides unfiltered information, perspective, and insights into consumer trends.

Pay Attention to Referrals and Traffic

One of the vital aspects of a marketing campaign is web traffic and referrals, or how people are discovering a client’s online presence. A campaign is obviously not performing well if there isn’t an incoming audience, and there is no better way to determine online success than by tracking where and how new users are finding your client. Marketing campaigns should be created with specific goals in mind, and will often focus on certain key performance indicators (KPI), which help track the influence of a campaign. Tracking the traffic and referral rates of a campaign make it clear whether the KPIs are being met or not, and can indicate the problems or issues a campaign might have. Graduates of marketing and events coordinator training can access and use these resources effectively, which leads to more successful campaigns.

Communication and teamwork are invaluable to the success of a campaign

Communication and teamwork are invaluable to the success of a campaign

Apply Principles Learned in Marketing and Events Coordinator Courses

When it comes to tracking the success of a campaign, organization and communication are vital factors in collecting and analyzing incoming information. Data cannot be used correctly if the marketers developing the campaign are not on the same page or are disorganized in how they prepare the campaign parameters.

Poorly organized tracking can lead to a misleading analysis, and a campaign that is actually achieving its goals may be unnecessarily restructured. Professional skills including teamwork and communication are invaluable not only to the tracking of a campaign but its eventual success or failure. Earning a marketing coordinator diploma in Alberta ensures that these skills are cultivated and encouraged by all students.

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