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Good marketing strategies are essential for businesses both big and small, as they help to draw in new customers and establish a brand’s reputation. But when a campaign captures the imagination and attention of millions, it becomes as much a piece of the cultural conversation as it is a project to increase revenue.

These moments often belong to recognizable corporations, but there are lessons from their success that aspiring marketing professionals can apply to their own work. With inspiration, perseverance, and the in-depth training that comes from a marketing college program, there’s always a chance that your next marketing campaign idea could hit it big.

To help get your creative juices flowing, check out these examples of exceptional marketing campaigns.

“Shot on iPhone 6” Is Great Inspiration for Students in Marketing and Events Coordinator Training

At Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC), students learn the ins and outs of creating memorable marketing campaigns. Through courses like Marketing Administration, students discover the many facets of marketing, including direct marketing, advertising, and experiential marketing. As students might soon learn, experiential marketing encourages customers to engage with a brand to develop a deeper connection with the products it offers. For a real-world example, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that better represents this idea that Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign.

First, a social media campaign got customers to share the favourite photos they took with an iPhone 6. Next, Apple took some of the best entries and displayed them on billboards, accompanied by the slogan “Shot on iPhone 6.”

This campaign was a great bit of marketing, and worked by:

  • Showing off the capabilities of the iPhone 6 camera
  • Catching the eye with an associated short, descriptive slogan
  • Inviting consumers to join in on the movement—all they had to do was buy an iPhone and snap a photo.

It was a simple idea, but one that worked on many levels to encourage discussion and adoption of Apple’s product.

Apple engaged with customers through its "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign

Apple engaged with customers through its “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Made Charitable Donations Viral Fun

Memorable marketing is usually the domain of business, but students in marketing and events coordinator courses can also find inspiration from memorable charity campaigns.

One of the best examples of this is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which saw millions around the world get in on the fun of dousing themselves with a bucket of icy water. The campaign resulted in approximately $115 million USD (about $151 million CAD) donated to ALS cure research.

This campaign worked by:

  • Using personalized humour to promote the campaign—it’s always fun to see familiar faces shocked with cold water
  • Serving as an attractive vehicle for charity. People were open to donating to get in on a trendy movement.

In business, introducing a charitable element to a campaign can help improve public perception, and encourage engagement. And of course, it’s always good to have customers associate your product with fun.

Students in Marketing and Events Coordinator Courses: “The Absolut Bottle” Shows Good Ideas Last

We’re used to seeing companies release new marketing campaigns pretty regularly, but students in marketing and events coordinator training should know that a good plan can stick around for a while.

Take Absolut Vodka’s 25-year-long “Bottle” campaign, which totalled about 1,500 ads. The ads featured the Absolut bottle or its outline, and a creative slogan which included the word “Absolut.” From 1980, these campaigns helped grow Absolut’s American market share from virtually nothing to about 50 percent.

This campaign worked by:

  • Turning the brand name into its own slogan
  • Using the distinctive bottle as the basis for the artwork
  • Sticking with it. Over years and years, the ads became a cultural fixture

If you recognize a strong idea, it might be a good idea to stick with it for a while. And of course, making the product and name the main parts of the branding doesn’t hurt, either.

There are many avenues to marketing success, but finding the right ideas for a product, encouraging public engagement, and maintaining successful campaigns are great places to start.

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