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Broad changes to technology as a whole make it a fascinating sector for study. Information technology (IT) is evolving at a faster rate than ever before, permeating all sectors from construction to education and beyond. With nearly all industries seeing the benefits of information technology, and with solutions being more customizable and mobile, the demand for talented IT professionals is on the rise.

The plethora of changes and expansions sweeping this delightfully dynamic industry could provide new horizons and interesting challenges for graduates. Whether you’re interested in working as a computer support specialist, network administrator, or help desk support analyst, new changes to IT as a whole could lead to exciting possibilities. Keep reading to find out what some of these could be.

1. The Rise of BYOD Could Expand the Scope of Work Done by PC Support Specialists

If you’re looking to become a PC support specialist, you could see a higher level of diversity when it comes to devices in the workplace, not to mention outside of it as well. Employees increasingly want to choose not only which devices they can use, but also from where they would prefer to work as well. This trend, called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), poses security concerns for companies, which has caused some reluctance to adopt it.

However, as more and more members of younger generations enter the workforce, it is something that more and more companies will have to embrace. Already, many companies have incorporated BYOD into their operations. As this trend becomes increasingly popular, PC support specialists could need to provide support and optimal security for employees working not only in the office but also remotely and on a multitude of possible devices.

The BYOD trend is becoming increasingly prevalent in the working world

The BYOD trend is becoming increasingly prevalent in the working world

2. The Demand for Grads of Information Technology Programs Will Expand to Many Sectors

A digital transformation is happening in all of Canada’s industrial sectors. Because they make many processes easier and quicker, IT products and services are making an appearance in more and more industries. As a result, the demand for professionals is growing as offices seek to update and get with the trend

Those seeking to study network administration know this profession plays a key role in maintaining quality communications within a network, and the amount of networks requiring smooth functioning is spreading with IT’s expansion across a variety of sectors. In fact, many IT jobs are now located in areas like health care, social assistance, and construction.

More and more sectors are leveraging information technology

More and more sectors are leveraging information technology

3. More and More Company Operations Are Going Digital

Not only is the technology and the digital world increasingly making an appearance everywhere, but it’s also permeating more and more systems and processes. As such, companies are progressively seeking to invest in the right professionals, who won’t only maintain current systems, but who will have the capacity and talent to modernize them and make them more effective.

As such, information technology grads with customer service, business communication, and up-to-date IT skills will likely make for attractive candidates. It’s definitely going to be an interesting time for IT grads looking for variety and a challenge.

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