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A great many remarkable people pass through the halls of our school, bringing inspiring levels of determination and skill to their chosen career paths. Here, we highlight the accomplishments of Cat Bredemann, the recent Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) graduate and valedictorian.

With diligent effort and a sustained ambition to do good in the world, Cat has achieved great things and done our community proud. Read on to learn about her inspiring journey!

Cat Bredemann Road to Success

Before Cat began her studies to become a medical office assistant, she spent a number of years working in roles in retail management, aspiring to find something new. “I wanted to find a career that would allow me to be a part of something I care about,” Cat said, “serving those who want to improve their quality of life and well-being.”

Initially, this took Cat to Community Health Care studies, where Cat quickly found a new passion for seniors’ recreation. “The seniors and staff I worked with during my practicum were all vibrant, beautiful people who all had something valuable to offer,” she said. “I loved getting to know them during that brief time.”

After graduation, Cat found work as an assistant and office manager in real estate before beginning her career in senior recreation. However, an old neck injury flared up and prevented her from fully engaging with physical elements of the role.

“It was frustrating for me, and I knew I needed to find a different way to be a part of the health care system,” Cat said. “My experience in real estate had provided me with a great deal of administrative and organizational skills, and becoming a medical office assistant or unit clerk seemed to be the obvious choice.”

Next Up: Obtaining a Medical Office Assistant Diploma

A visit by students and an instructor from AOLCC to the senior centre where Cat worked convinced her to complete her medical office assistant courses at AOLCC. “They were by far more impressive to me than other groups that had come through,” Cat said. “I felt that they demonstrated more knowledge, professionalism, and confidence.”

Once enrolled, Cat dove right into her studies, motoring through the initial courses and even getting ahead with the help of interactive online activities. “This extra time allowed me to absorb a lot more material which obviously came in very handy during the exams,” Cat said. Making great friends along the way — she says that she and her friend Megan “Probably irritated a few of our classmates and the instructor with our constant giggling”—Cat found herself greatly enjoying her time at school.

Before long, Cat found herself working alongside previous AOLCC alumni as part of the practicum portion of her education, which provided her with a great advantage. “Because they both knew exactly what I had already learned in class, they were able to easily relate to me and they knew which hands-on experiences I would benefit from to round out my training.” At the end of the practicum, the company hired Cat on. In under a year, she had completed the transition to a brand new career.

Enjoying Life in a Medical Office Assistant Career

After completion of her program, Cat was named the class valedictorian and has enjoyed continued career success, her connection to AOLCC still coming in handy as time goes by. “Now I work at another location in the company that is closer to my home,” Cat said, “And both the clinic lead and my co-worker are also AOLCC graduates.  I learn new things from them almost daily, and they are receptive to my input and ideas as well.”

From her time in the medical office assistant diploma program, Cat gives special credit to the practicum for preparing her for professional life. “I am a hands-on learner, and I absolutely needed the practicum to make the connections and practice the things that up until then I had mostly just read about and written tests on,” she said. Cat also gave special mention to an AOLCC course called “Thought Patterns for a Successful Career“, a course designed specifically for students going back to school as adults. In it, students learn everything from how to address the fear of success in managing personal challenges and more. “It is hard for me to summarize just how effective it has been for me—both personally and professionally—and why,” she recalls. “All I can say is that whenever I properly implement what I learned those few days, it works.”

Happily embarked on a new stage of her professional life, Cat has simple advice for students hoping to make their own way. “Don’t be shy,” she says, and “Get to know other people in the field.” Just as importantly: “Trust your gut, trust yourself, and no matter how busy you get, take time to play.” As Cat has demonstrated, these elements offer a recipe for real and lasting success. Congratulations, Cat!

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