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Students of the Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) tend to be a motivated bunch, and alumna Ganga Mehta is a perfect example of that fact. A recent graduate of AOLCC’s PC Support Specialist program, Ganga is the sort of person who knows exactly what she wants from her career and how to get it. At AOLCC, she found a school that supported and encouraged her on her journey towards a successful IT career. We are so proud of all she has achieved here as part of our community.

Read on to hear more about Ganga’s inspiring story and how she upgraded her skills at AOLCC.

Ganga Chose AOLCC to Upgrade Her Skills and Pursue a Successful IT Career

Ganga’s journey begins in India, where she already had plenty of experience in the IT industry. “Back home,” she says, “I was working with IBM in the IT department as a Senior Operations Professional.”

When Ganga immigrated to Canada in September 2016, however, she decided that to thrive in an IT career she was going to need to upgrade her skills. Because of her knowledge of the IT industry, she says that when looking for a college “I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve.” She had heard positive testimonials about AOLCC, but what really attracted her to the school was that she says, “it helps you to be a certified person and get into your field.”

Specifically, she was impressed with how AOLCC’s PC Support Specialist IT diploma program prepares students for a number of IT certification exams, namely CompTIA A+, Network+, and Server+. Ganga knew the value of such certifications in the IT industry and she saw AOLCC as an investment in her future success. As she says, “I chose this program because IT skills are valuable in every industry. Technology isn’t going away.”

Ganga Attributes Her Success to AOLCC’s Supportive Culture and Learning System

When she began her classes, Ganga was particularly impressed with the quality and flexibility of AOLCC’s teaching method. The Integrated Learning System (ILS), which combines in-class coursework with online learning, was especially appealing to somebody as driven and self-motivated as Ganga. ILS, she says, “means you are your own boss. You can log in anywhere.”

Aside from ILS, Ganga also gives credit to the many instructors and staff members at AOLCC who created a supportive and encouraging culture. Ganga recalls that “Nayima Nadeem (Training Director), she was always there for me to resolve my problems. She used to motivate me. She always gave me the courage and confidence that I can do everything.”

Ganga also gives credit to “Leonor Cadag De Leon (Senior Facilitator) and Hong Li (Senior Facilitator). They were also helped me wherever I got stuck during my learning period of the program.” She offers a “Special thanks to Michael Matwichul who was always there for resolving my CompTIA and Network books problems.” In addition, “Kathryn Killoh (Student Support Services), Jessica and Grace ( Front Desk)” were also a wonderful support to Ganga throughout her studies. Whether she wanted help with the course material or needed motivation for staying on track, AOLCC’s staff and faculty—from the front desk to the instructors—were there to help Ganga succeed.

After Her Academic Success, Ganga Is Now Going to Put Her IT Diploma to Use

Ganga’s positive experience with AOLCC reached its high point when she was awarded the Best Overall Progress and Marks award. For Ganga, it was a moment that was a pleasant surprise, especially since, she says “I wasn’t expecting my name” to be called during the ceremony.

Now with her diploma in hand, Ganga is looking to become a PC support specialist where she can put her skills into practice. Specifically, she says she wants to join a company’s help desk support team or work as a network administrator. Given the demand for IT professionals and Ganga’s clear motivation, we expect she’ll have plenty of success as she continues on her journey.

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