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Are you looking for a career change that is dynamic and adventurous, keeping you active and engaged? With national travel restrictions easing, wages on the rise and high demand for hospitality professionals within Alberta and around the world, signing up for hospitality training might be the right choice for you!

Getting a comprehensive education and training in hospitality management at the Academy of Learning College in Alberta opens many doors for a variety of career opportunities. One of the most unique and exciting options is becoming a tourist guide.

Are you a natural-born leader with a passion for travel? Do you love meeting new people and sharing stories? Do you enjoy planning detailed itineraries and learning all about the history and culture of the places you plan to visit?

Read on to learn why becoming a tourist guide might be the perfect new career choice for you.

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Get Paid to Travel

You may choose to be a tourist guide for a certain city or historical sight, or join a tour company that allows you to travel around the globe throughout your hospitality career. The fact is, you will be getting paid to see, learn and experience the best parts of whatever destination you are exploring. Many employers also pay for transport, meals, and accommodations while touring, giving you a great opportunity to save extra money.

With a diploma from a reputable school, employers can trust that you are educated, trained and ready to be an asset to their team. Our hospitality management diploma program teaches students business, leadership, and communication skills that can be used internationally. In addition, students receive two speciality certificates from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). Furthermore, CPR and WHMIS are included in this extensive program.

Make Friends Around the World While Living a Life of Adventure

You’ll meet people from different walks of life and experience happy, memorable moments with them daily. As a tourist guide, your job will consist of sharing with your new friends the most interesting and exciting sights of a destination.

Within Alberta alone are endless examples of the exhilarating opportunities you could have after graduation. Imagine yourself working at a resort in Lake Louise, skiing in the winter, and exploring wildlife in the summer with your groups. Or perhaps you’d like to be a driving tour leader, camping with groups across the province and stopping at provincial parks for hikes, water rafting, and cycling along the way.

From beaches to mountains, deserts to jungles, every type of destination and activity needs trailblazers like you to guide others during their travels. Our hospitality training will prepare you for the many facets of research, planning, and organization that happen behind the scenes of a hospitality business.

Graduates meet amazing people and enjoy exhilarating experiences in their hospitality careers

Alberta’s Tourism Industry is on the Rise

There is no doubt that the restrictions of COVID 19 put a halt to Canada’s growing tourism industry back in 2020. However, as restrictions continue to ease, Alberta industry analysts feel certain that tourism is quickly making a comeback and is bound to outreach pre-pandemic provincial highs.

Travel Alberta recently published updated tourism indicators which point to continued growth and demand for hospitality careers. Some of the highlights include:

  • Tourism employment continues to show year-over-year growth in Alberta
  • Alberta’s rate of international visitors is 4 points higher than the average for the rest of Canada
  • Alberta’s hotel occupancy rate for April 2022 exceeded pre-pandemic levels for the first time
  • Domestic direct airline sales to Alberta are 13.5% higher than pre-pandemic levels

These facts are evidence of an industry that is not only returning to but exceeding pre-pandemic statistics in the future, making it a career in high demand.

AOLCC’s Hospitality Management Courses and Diploma

By completing hospitality management courses at AOLCC, students gain a comprehensive education covering the entire hospitality realm. Becoming a tourist guide is just one of the many exciting career paths that you can pursue after graduation. 

Our Integrated Learning System (ILS) recognizes that everyone learns differently and provides a multi-sensory approach to delivering course information. With interactive media, engaging workbooks, and practical exercises, our methods are engineered to support you in your unique learning journey. You’ll also have access to personalized, one-on-one support when you need it. In addition, the diploma program also includes job search and resume writing to help you prepare and gain employment after you graduate.

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