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In a digital landscape dominated by big, international players, it might seem like a difficult task for smaller companies to get attention. Some digital marketing experts have found a clever solution to this problem, though. It’s known as going hyper-local.

By focusing efforts not on the world, but on the immediate surroundings of a business or organization, these marketers create compelling marketing content and build real connections with those most likely to opt for their products or services.

Curious about how this works? Here’s a closer look at why marketing coordinators sometimes love to go hyper-local.

The World of Technology Is Facilitating Local Exploration

Today, it can certainly be said that local exploration is a major trend. In most major population centers, the majority of people walk around with GPS-enabled devices and map applications that deliver localized results to searchers. Go to major websites like Google or Facebook, and local listings will likewise feature prominently in searches. People want to know what is around them and, increasingly, tools are being made to help them find it.

Because of this, it makes sense to think hyper-local, since coming up with local campaigns and ads can help with getting the attention of people who are already doing localized searches. What’s more, hyper-local marketing draws from the same fundamental skills that can be acquired through a marketing coordinator diploma program, such as strategic thinking and digital design.

People want localized information, creating great opportunities for hyper-local marketers

People want localized information, creating great opportunities for hyper-local marketers

Hyper-Local Marketing Promotes Real Relationships

Many marketing professionals love to talk about building relationships with the consumer, and, unsurprisingly, this is another area where hyper-local marketing can help. Thinking hyper-local opens new potential for establishing genuine bonds between people. After all, the entity advertising isn’t some faraway mega-corporation—it’s a company located down the street, or in the center of town. It thus becomes easier to tell stories about the ways your company contributes or could contribute to a customer’s daily life, and opens doors to some really interesting ways of marketing.

Maybe the company could sponsor a local fundraiser, throw a special event for residents of the town, or come up with some other way to both contribute to the community and draw attention to the brand. If you’re a creative people person, you’ll love the potential that exists in bringing local people and brands together.

Good hyper-local marketing can be a creative way to bring local people and businesses together

Good hyper-local marketing can be a creative way to bring local people and businesses together

Local Media Is Often Eager to Help

Local newspapers and radio stations are often invaluable contributors to the community, but it’s also the case that they can struggle to find interesting material to deliver to their audiences on a regular basis. Having a hyper-local mindset helps marketers tap into this reality. Simply developing an initiative or event campaign, such as a charity fundraiser or fun contest, and reaching out to local media to announce it, can result in the media running a story that amplifies the message for free! Not a bad deal for those businesses that want to maximize the return on their marketing investment.

Establishing productive media relationships is a key element in this process, and is something that is most easily accomplished by graduates of comprehensive marketing and events coordinator courses. Through training in business correspondence and communication, managing clients, and more, great marketing courses teach foundational skills that can help with building media relationships that can pay off for years.

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