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Hospitality management courses prepare professionals for a variety of top industry positions, from Restaurant Manager to Tourist Advisor. Along with professional satisfaction and career growth, many of these jobs yield everyday benefits—the famous hospitality industry perks. From discounts to travel options, these benefits recognize the hard work of employees and managers—the backbone of the hospitality industry.

While perks might not be a reason to choose one career over another, they do help hospitality pros enjoy their work, reaping its everyday rewards.

Are you curious about the unique perks of hospitality careers? Keep reading to find out more!

Hospitality Pros Are Often Afforded Free or Discounted Services

Among the top benefits of hospitality work, daily expenses can be discounted, if not waived. Known to insiders as ‘comped’ services, covered expenses help hospitality professionals save their earnings. Free or discounted meals are common for working staff at hotels and restaurants—a practice that often extends from the kitchen staff to the management. Working to provide customers with the best hotel, culinary, and tourist experiences, many hospitality professionals also have opportunities to sample their services so that they can refine offerings and make knowledgeable recommendations to clients.

Beyond their organization’s own products, hospitality professionals are often afforded discount prices on industry expenditures—from hotel bookings to airfare and car rentals. Partnered businesses can create networks of hospitality professionals, rewarding hard work with insider prices. While perhaps not a top consideration in choosing a career, these perks spell unique work experiences for hospitality pros.

Staff meals are opportunities to socialize and network with colleagues

Staff meals are opportunities to socialize and network with colleagues

A Hospitality Career Is Uniquely Flexible

Few professions match the flexibility of hospitality work—in demand around the clock and across time zones. In a hotel, restaurant, and tourism businesses, employees can often pick preferred shifts, especially at the management level. Hospitality pros also experience great day-to-day variety—another crucial asset over many 9 to 5 jobs. This line of work evolves from one shift to the next, with new customers, services, and events to change up old routines. Leading hospitality management courses will prepare students to meet these various challenges. For instance, AOLCC’s hospitality college in Alberta trains students in everything from hotel accounting to food safety.

Hotels, restaurants, and tourism offices are a constant in the world’s most-visited countries. Hospitality work also affords geographic flexibility, with opportunities to travel and work abroad. Students in hospitality management training often prize this flexibility—a chance to shape career objectives around a love of travel and a thirst for new experiences. Standard practices might vary from one country to the next, but a top hospitality management education can give students an edge throughout their industry.

Hospitality Pros Are Always Connecting with People

Hospitality professionals prize the social interactions unique to their line of work. A hospitality career means meeting patrons from all walks of life, learning from their experiences, and broadening horizons. Since hospitality clients are often leisure travellers, many of them will be willing to engage with staff—and happy to show their appreciation of a job well done. Some hospitality workers even report celebrity sightings, from actors to business leaders.

Social interaction also abounds within one’s business or organization. Far from the isolation of cubicles, hospitality pros work closely with others, providing the best possible services. Hospitality colleagues are typically dynamic, communicative, and kind—qualities that got them hired to work with clients in the first place. A great place to form friendships and build networks, this industry allows professionals to have fun while also advancing long-term career goals.

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