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At AOLCC, we offer expert online training and in-class instruction so you can learn with confidence in the environment you choose. The learning process at AOLCC continues to cater to the different needs of individuals seeking a more personalized learning experience. Our options consist of both in-person and virtual courses, as well as an Integrated Learning System (ILS). Before you begin your studies at AOLCC, it’s important to consider the best possible option for your needs and goals. The moment when you find the right path for you, is the moment when you transform your opportunities for the future. Read on for a closer look at the advantages of the different learning styles at our career college!

Enjoy Interactive Learning With In-Person Classes

At our career college, in-person lessons offer you an interactive experience, where you’ll engage with your classmates and instructors in a one-on-one or group setting. This fosters a stronger sense of human connection, development, and engagement. 


In-person learning also helps to build motivation in students. When you become part of a group learning together, you’ll benefit from a sense of belonging, as you engage with those around you and support one another on tasks and assignments. Additionally, the process of collaborating with your classmates can improve your interpersonal skills – an important quality for success in a number of careers today. 


That’s why AOLCC ensures that students receive the built-in support needed to excel in group settings. Our instructors make sure to address the needs and concerns of individual students while monitoring their progress throughout the course. At AOLCC you’ll be supported by the best in the industry with the best technology, the best processes, and the best campuses. 

Flexible Learning With Online Courses at Our Career College

Online learning provides students with flexibility, as it allows you to create your own schedule and make time for other activities. With online learning, you’ll be able to manage your time accordingly, juggle external commitments, and set your own studying pace. This will help you assess and develop your own approach to certain tasks. To accommodate different needs and interests, students can choose from over 30 career college programs with a mix of online and in-person learning. On average, AOLCC graduates earn 60% more than minimum wage, after completing one of our programs. With the support of our admission officers, you’ll receive guidance on choosing a career path aligned with your interests and passions. 


For many, the cost of learning is another key factor when considering colleges in Calgary. Online learning is cost-effective in terms of both time and money. You’ll have the luxury to study from the comfort of your home or office, without the added cost and time spent on transportation. 

Online learning offers flexibility to students looking to design their own study schedules

An Engaging Experience for All Students

At AOLCC, our career college programs range from the areas of Accounting and Business to Community Service and Legal Administration. Each course is designed to prepare students for their chosen career path by providing a learning experience that is geared towards real-world success. Our graduation and job placement rates speak for themselves: in 2020-2021, we had an 83% average graduation rate and 85% average job placement rate across our Alberta campuses. Whether you wish to study in-person or online, AOLCC delivers a learning experience that is personalized, supportive and tailored to your progress. 


Additionally, we have applied an Integrated Learning System (ILS) to encourage student engagement during online courses. Our world-class ILS uses audio, visual, online and rich media to satisfy your learning preferences and to help you master each subject matter before moving on. You’ll be able to develop your skills through a step-by-step approach while engaging with your instructors and fellow students. With just-in-time support from our instructors, not only will you develop a clear understanding of the tasks and assignments, but you’ll gain the self-confidence to pursue your studies to success. 

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