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If you’re feeling undervalued and overworked in your current career path, it could be time to make a positive change. Everyone deserves the opportunity to find a job that not only aligns with their passions, but that also pays them what they deserve. While it might seem surprising, the path to a higher paying career is more accessible than you might think. 

The moment when you train for a career at the Academy of Learning (AOLCC), you’ll graduate with the skills and knowledge to land a job in an industry where you’ll earn more doing what you love. With a vocational education, you’ll build the specific skills necessary to succeed in your future career in just a short amount of time. With more affordable programs and industry-aligned courses, career training at AOLCC is an accessible way to make a major change in your life, no matter how stuck you might feel at the moment. Below, discover how you can earn more by training for a career at the Academy of Learning.

AOLCC Career Training Build the Skills to Land a Better Job

If you’re looking to transition into a different industry, advance in your current industry, or simply learn new marketable skills, you’ll find what you’re looking for among the variety of career college programs offered at AOLCC. AOLCC’s industry-aligned programs are focused on equipping students with the relevant skills and experience necessary to quickly transition into a career upon graduation. Students also have the opportunity to learn from instructors who are experts in their field, gaining hands-on experience and practical knowledge they’ll be using on the job. The skills students build during career training translate to better jobs, and it shows. In the year 2021, AOLCC’s graduates across Alberta campuses experienced an 85% average job placement rate!

Career training equips you with the skills necessary to transition into a well-paying career

Career training equips you with the skills necessary to transition into a well-paying career

AOLCC Prepares Graduates to Work in Industries Where They Earn More

Earning more doesn’t have to mean investing years of your time and all of your savings to get there. With career college training, you can become qualified to land a job in a new industry in less than a year. What’s more, at AOLCC, graduates earn 60% more than the minimum wage on average. Before you get started, AOLCC’s admissions advisors will help you to analyze the job market in order to determine the kinds of incomes and jobs that can be expected with each type of program. With the qualifications to enter careers in lucrative industries such as healthcare, finance, business, law, information technology, and more, AOLCC’s graduates are earning more in roles where the starting salary is not only higher, but where there’s also plenty of room for growth.

Get Paid Well for a Career You’re Passionate About

It’s important to love your job. After all, it’s what you’ll be spending most of your time doing! While it might sound out of reach, landing a job you love doesn’t have to be difficult. Within AOLCC’s network of career colleges in Calgary and beyond, you can choose a program that aligns with your interests and passions. If you’re a caring individual looking for a rewarding career, you might choose a program in the healthcare industry. If you love working with numbers, a finance or business program might be right for you. Whatever you choose, income growth potential and fulfillment will follow with a program at AOLCC! Ready to take your professional future in your own hands?

Start training to earn more with a program at the Academy of Learning Alberta.