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Are you wondering whether to launch your future career with a career college program, but are unsure about whether you’ll be able to take on a full course load with your already busy schedule? While this is a concern shared by many prospective learners, the Academy of Learning Career Colleges offers a solution to this common problem. While a traditional classroom environment may be beneficial for some students, it’s not unusual for some learners to feel overwhelmed by the pace of the course, while other learners feel that they could be moving through the material at a faster rate. 

At AOLCC, the understanding that each individual learner has different needs and styles of learning drives the underlying structure of our programs. The moment when you utilize AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System throughout your career college program, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace, while building valuable skills you’ll use in your future career. 

What is the Integrated Learning System? A Look for Those Interested in Career College

AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System (ILS) is a dynamic system that allows learners to take control of their own learning experience. For many students, simply attempting to absorb and process information within a classroom environment can be a challenge. With the understanding that each learner should have the opportunity to learn in a manner that best suits their needs, AOLCC developed the ILS. The ILS incorporates all key components of career training within a learner’s respective program, combining an online approach to learning with that of a traditional classroom environment. 

Career college students gain access to content through many different tools, including media presentations, workbooks, hands-on exercises, and exams. Additionally, the ILS gives students access to an on-site learning coach, who is available to address any questions that learners might have throughout the course and ensures that their learning environment is conducive to their individual learning pace.

AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System allows students to learn at their own pace

AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System allows students to learn at their own pace

How the Integrated Learning System Helps Students Learn at Their Own Pace

If you’ve been exploring career college programs but are hesitant to enroll due to your additional commitments, AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System can help you to manage your time in a way that works for you. Whether you’re working throughout your studies or need to be able to take time to care for your children or loved ones, the ILS makes it easy to take control of your learning environment. For one, the ILS enables students to personalize the manner in which they study the course content, receiving consistent support and feedback from their learning coach on their methods and strategies. The ILS also gives learners the option of putting a pause on their course, based on the understanding that life might get in the way of one’s ability to prioritize training. Whenever they’re ready, learners can pick up where they left off and continue the course.

Additional Benefits of the Integrated Learning System

The Integrated Learning System includes a number of other features that help learners to achieve their goals throughout their career training. For one, the ILS platform is designed to maximize the amount of engagement that learners have with the course, using different forms of media, workbooks, and applicable exercises to help learners actively interact with the material. Additionally, using the ILS platform helps learners to develop their time-management skills, creating realistic, achievable goals based on their individual schedule and availability. Lastly, the Integrated Learning System helps students to become job-ready with hands-on exercises and activities, enabling graduates to transition seamlessly into a new and exciting career.

If you’re currently researching career colleges in Alberta that might accommodate your scheduling needs, AOLCC is the place for you. Are you ready to begin training for your future with a flexible program? 

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