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If you’re the type of person who thrives in a fast-paced environment and you are passionate about event planning, then a career as a banquet manager may be for you. Banquet managers work in hotels, convention halls, resorts, restaurants, and similar sites where they oversee events like wedding receptions, parties, and meetings. Banquet managers are hands-on people who are involved in every stage of throwing unforgettable events.

Studying hospitality management can prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need to become a banquet manager. Here are just a few ways that hospitality management courses can give you the momentum needed to succeed as a banquet manager.

You’ll Learn the Leadership Skills Needed to Thrive as a Banquet Manager

Banquet managers are leaders when it comes to pulling off amazing events. They are involved in the event planning process from when the initial contract is signed all the way up to post-event cleanup. As a banquet manager, you’ll likely have to liaise with many different vendors and other teams at the facility you work at. For example, if you work for a hotel or resort, you’ll be in contact with the kitchen or restaurant, front desk, sales, and the hotel’s management team. You will be seen as the go-to person for any decisions that need to be made regarding the event. You’ll need to have an ability to connect with others so they understand what your plan for the event is and what role they play.

Fortunately, hospitality programs can help you develop the skills and expertise you need to be a leader. Not only will you learn about leadership management and what goes into creating high-performance teams, but you’ll also learn about other aspects of hospitality management, such as front office procedures, sales and marketing, and facilities management. These courses show you how each area of a hotel or other hospitality facility is run and that knowledge helps you better communicate with those other areas when hosting events.

Banquet managers are leaders who coordinate with other teams within the hotel or facility.

Banquet managers are leaders who coordinate with other teams within the hotel or facility.

You’ll Understand Food and Beverage Management in Hospitality Training

A major role for banquet managers is supervising food and beverage services for the events they oversee. In many cases, the quality of a facility’s food and beverage service can be the most memorable aspect of an event. In your hospitality management courses, you can learn about a number of issues related to food and beverage.

For instance, you’ll study how to balance clients’ demands with the facility’s need to turn a profit. You’ll also see how management techniques from other industries are being utilized in food and beverage to deliver a better experience for guests and to reduce expenses. In your courses, you will also learn about safe food handling techniques, which is essential knowledge to have as a banquet manager.

Hospitality Management Courses Prepare You for Hiring and Training Employees

Banquet managers can’t do everything on their own, which is why they need to hire and train a team of employees to help them pull off great events. Banquet managers also decide how many and what types of employees will be needed for each event.

In hospitality training, you will learn supervision skills that can help you gain valuable insights into hiring, training, and supervising techniques used in the hospitality industry. You’ll learn skills like how to use technology to schedule employees, how to keep employees motivated, and how to manage conflicts. Given that hospitality can be a fast-paced and high-pressure environment, being able to manage conflicts between employees and keep them motivated are highly valuable skills that will help you on your journey to becoming a banquet manager.

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