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When considering entering a field like hospitality management, it’s a good idea to know a few tricks to keep morale increase productivity and motivate staff. Using the right techniques with your future staff could mean greater efficiency, happier guests, and better perception of your place of work.

There are many different ways to motivate staff, ranging from introducing some friendly competition to encouraging employee input into the way your business is run.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in hospitality, try out some of the following motivation techniques. You’ll be sure to find something that increases staff engagement and success!

Consider Sales-Based Rewards to Motive Staff

Want to increase overall sales or those of a specific product or vacation package? Try incentivizing employees with a bonus related to sales within a given time-frame.

Long-term contests can work well when introducing sales-based rewards. For example, a monthly sales goal can encourage your employees to promote everything from a new dish at your restaurant to a new beauty package at your hotel’s on-site spa. That long-term goal will keep your employees motivated and working hard for the duration. Even if they have an off day or two, they can still make up for it and win the prize in a long-term contest.

Shorter contests that last a single day or evening can be rewarding and fun for employees as well. You could see who sells the most of a particular dessert, or who encourages more customers to leave a positive review of your hotel. Something as simple as a gift card can act as a nice reward for a shorter contest.

Smiling faces are good for business, so encourage employees to have some fun

Smiling faces are good for business, so encourage employees to have some fun

It’s Good to Encourage Workers to Have Some Fun While They Work

Overly strict workplaces can be discouraging for employees. Because the hospitality industry relies on friendly customer service, it’s especially important for graduates of hospitality management training to know how to keep employee spirits high.

A simple way to keep employees smiling is to allow and encourage them to have a bit of playful fun with each other (and you) while they work. It’s a fine line, since too much fun can hurt productivity, but according to recent findings, the right balance can mean improved creativity, health, and humour.

Encourage Employee Input

Exposing yourself and your hotel or restaurant to new ideas is a great way to improve the way things are run, and who better to contribute suggestions than the employees who work in the establishment?

After completing a hospitality management program and entering the workplace, keep an open mind to your employees’ thoughts and feelings, and even actively encourage them to share ideas with you. For example, an employee might notice that customers particularly enjoy visiting a nearby tourist site, and might suggest that you mention your hotel’s proximity to that site in promotional materials.

By showing employees that you care about what they have to say, you can make them happier, and prouder to be a part of the business.

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