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There’s a lot you need to know to run a resort smoothly. From managing staff in numerous departments and keeping up-to-date on trends, to making sure guests are comfortable and satisfied with their stay, a good resort manager definitely needs to be a truly qualified professional. Fortunately, with the right resort management training, you could soon become that professional, and start your career managing your very own resort!

If you love working with people, working in a team environment, and helping guests truly enjoy their stay, then a successful and rewarding career in resort management could be your career calling.

Read on to learn more about what a career in resort management includes, and the diverse skills you’ll learn and apply after completing your hospitality college program.

Build and Lead Your Team to New Heights

As the saying goes, “you’re only as good as the team around you”.  That’s why it’s important for resort managers to choose the right people, with the right skills, for the right task. Once you become a resort manager, you’ll want to carefully hire and train your team to ensure that each staff member feels comfortable and qualified for their role—whether they work at the front desk or as part of your cleaning staff.

But your responsibilities won’t end there! To keep your resort running smoothly, you’ll also need to carefully manage your staff by providing clear instructions and guidelines for them to follow. With clear expectations set out for your staff, you can expect your resort to run smoothly.

After getting your hotel management diploma, your training and knowledge will prove invaluable as you master your supervisory skills and become an effective leader, applying your newly-learned techniques to help maximize staff productivity, for the betterment of the resort, and its guests.

The right staff can help you take your resort to new heights!

The right staff can help you take your resort to new heights!

Stay on Top of Hospitality Industry Trends and Keep Your Hotel Current

It’s a good idea to get in the habit of staying on top of industry trends. By researching industry blogs, reading up on hospitality news, and attending conferences and seminars, you’ll be able to identify new trends that may arise during your resort management career. And by knowing those changes, you can adapt your resort to meet each new trend you encounter.

For example, some hotels are starting to offer services through apps—which appeal to new millennial guests who like booking services right from their smartphones. Other hotels are also tapping into new trends by offering adventurous new menu options, as well as other changes that can help keep their resorts fresh and exciting for guests.

Once you complete your hotel management courses, you’ll realize the need to stay on top of industry trends throughout your career. Try doing self-evaluations so that you can pinpoint areas to improve, for yourself, your staff, and the resort. By keeping your resort current, you’ll be able to stay on the cutting edge of hotel management!

Applying Marketing And Planning Resort Management Strategies

Marketing is an essential tool for the hotel industry—which is why you’ll learn all about marketing for the hospitality industry as you complete your studies.

With your keen understanding of market research, for example, you’ll be able to identify the ideal persona you need to market to so that your resort stands out. Are your guests older retirees looking for a relaxing vacation stay? Young travellers looking for an affordable and trendy option? Or busy professionals looking for a luxurious and easy-to-book hotel? By knowing your persona, you’ll know how best to market your resort and capture the interest of your target audience.

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