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Upon walking through the front doors, the first thing most guests will see when they arrive at a hotel, resort, B&B, or other hospitality business is the front desk. It’s the place they’ll need to go to check-in and to check out, to request assistance or leave comments. This makes the front desk an important hub for activity. It also makes it vitally important that employees working at the front desk are well trained and have the skills they need to succeed.

Want a few tips that can help you excel at the front desk of any hospitality business? Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

A Caring and Friendly Approach Can Go a Long Way

Many students who are drawn to hospitality are naturally friendly and caring. They love meeting people from all over the world and know that a nice vacation can create treasured memories that will last a lifetime. Being a friendly and caring individual pays off in the hospitality industry, and especially when working at the front desk.

For some guests, travelling can come with added stress. There may be flights to catch, taxis to hail, or delays or diversions, all of which can leave guests feeling stressed or frustrated. In these cases, the friendly patience of a helpful professional can make all the difference. By putting your guests at ease, you can help them enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Some might even return to your hotel, or recommend it to a friend!

Friendly professionals are an excellent fit for front desk responsibilities

Friendly professionals are an excellent fit for front desk responsibilities

Use Your Hospitality Training to Stay Well Organized

The organization is key to success in professional life. This is especially true when working at the front desk of a hospitality business, where dozens or hundreds of bookings, messages, and more are being juggled. Develop and maintain great organizational skills and you can put yourself in a great position to excel at the front desk or even the busiest hospitality establishments.

Hospitality training covers many of the most important skills needed for organizing yourself in this environment. You can learn how to properly use common management software, important concepts relating to the financial organization, and many more skills that can help you keep on top of the work you need to do. With the help of in-depth training, you can ensure nothing is forgotten throughout the workday.

Rely on Your Hospitality Training to Work Well With Your Team

Many hospitality businesses are enormous operations, with dozens of employees spread out across many different departments. Often, a professional working at the front desk will need to collaborate with some of these employees to resolve a particular issue or complete a particular task. It might be necessary, for example, to coordinate with a maintenance worker to get an emergency repair done on a guest’s room, or to ask parking attendants to look into an incident that occurred in the hotel’s garage. Good communication and teamwork skills will help you maintain cordial relationships with them and keep the atmosphere at work both positive and productive.

A good hospitality management program, such as the one offered by Academy of Learning Career College, will include important leadership and interpersonal training that can help you succeed in team dynamics. This training is an excellent way to hone your teamwork skills to a great level and help your establishment reach new heights.

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