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Not all that long ago, satellite TV, WiFi, and even hotel key cards were new in the hospitality scene. While each of these tech trends might seem pretty common now, back when they were first introduced, they made a splash. Over time, they’ve become more common, but that doesn’t mean technological innovation isn’t happening in hospitality. Far from it!

Today, dizzying new developments are starting to make their way into hotels all over the country and around the world. Here are some of the new tech trends currently on their way up, which you might encounter.

1. Looking Forward to Smart Rooms and Hot Tech Trends

Customization is set to take on a whole new dimension in the coming years as smart rooms become more and more common. Some hotels and hotel chains have already started smartening up their hotel rooms, allowing guests to control room temperature, dim lights, or make other adjustments to their rooms all from a handy app on their smartphone.

Not only that, but preferred settings could eventually even be preprogrammed, allowing guests to walk into a room already customized to their needs. Just after check-in, a room might begin heating up to a preferred temperature or download a preferred playlist, for example.

2. Smart Room Keys Could Also Be on the Horizon

Rooms aren’t the only part of a hotel that is getting smart. Smart keys trends have also been beginning to make their way into tech-heavy hotels. Smart keys allow guests to open their room door just bypassing their cellphone over a designated pad. Getting a room key from the front desk, asking for extra keys, or getting a replacement after losing a room key would all be part of the past thanks to this new system. It would offer added convenience to hotel guests, as well as help increase efficiency for front desk managers. As a new development that offers benefits to both guests and hospitality professionals, it could be an option that becomes more and more popular. With any luck, you might see it become a common feature after graduating from hospitality management training.

Changing temperatures and dimming lights could all be done through guests’ smartphones

Changing temperatures and dimming lights could all be done through guests’ smartphones

3. Infrared Sensors Can Help Minimize Interruptions from Housekeeping

Housekeeping is important for guest satisfaction. However, an interruption from housekeeping—even a well-intended one—can be stressful or embarrassing for customers. A guest might be woken up on a day where they would prefer to sleep in, or could even feel embarrassed if seen in their pyjamas. While ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs and other policies help to prevent these occurrences, signs can fall down, or guests might simply forget to put them up in the first place.

That’s why, as an added measure, some professionals with hospitality training are considering infrared sensors. These sensors would be able to detect body heat, therefore letting housekeeping staff know that someone is in the room and that they should come back later—no knocking necessary!

4. Digital Display Screens Could Lead to New Hotel Decor

Interior design might not sound like an obvious place for new tech developments to take root, but that hasn’t stopped innovative professionals from discovering clever new breakthroughs. Because screens are now stronger and more affordable than ever, some professionals are investigating whether they can be used to decorate lobbies, communal spaces, or even a hotel’s exterior.

Designs that combine artistic vision with movement could help add a fascinating new flair to spaces. In addition, these designs could also be changed with the seasons, updated for special holidays or events, customized for large parties, or simply rotated to provide variety. For hotels that adopt this future tech, the possibilities could be almost endless!

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