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Are you thinking about going back to school? For many students, marketing training is a great way to turn creativity, people skills, and business sense into a rewarding and in-demand career.

And, while flexible learning options at schools like Academy of Learning Career College help make the transition back to school a smooth one, there are a few handy tricks you can use to be even more productive.

Whether you want to get familiar with social media management platforms, stay focused on assignments, or stay on top of your to-do list, there are plenty of apps that can help.

Read on to learn about a few of our favourites, and how they help students make the most of their marketing training.

Hootsuite: A Convenient Way for Marketing Students to Manage Social Media

As you start your marketing coordinator program, you’ll soon learn just how important online marketing is in “Business in the Digital Age”. In today’s digital age, companies need professionals who can smoothly manage many social media platforms to promote brands and products.

If you already use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, then you can save time during your studies by managing all your accounts through Hootsuite. This handy app lets you juggle accounts on different platforms. And, as an added bonus, many marketing professionals use HootSuite to manage their client’s social media accounts.

Any.do: A Quick Way to Stay on Top of Your Marketing Training To-Do List

Going back to school can be a bit of a balancing act. For many students attending marketing colleges, part-time or full-time jobs and family responsibilities need to be scheduled alongside homework and study time.

To help you keep track of your busy schedule, you might want to use an app like Any.do. Any.do helps you manage your time, stay on top of smaller tasks, and schedule in bigger projects so that you use your time effectively.

Keeping to-do lists handy on your smartphone is a great way to stay organized while on the go.

Keeping to-do lists handy on your smartphone is a great way to stay organized while on the go.

SelfControl: Help You Stay Focused During Your Marketing Training

If you’re like many marketing students, you might be a social media fan. Browsing Facebook, catching up on Tweets, and updating Instagram will be an important part of your career in marketing. But, as a student, you might need some time away from social media to focus on projects, assignments, and other tasks.

SelfControl temporarily blocks sites that might distract you from your studies, helping you make the most of your marketing training.

Whether you need to finish up a Photoshop assignment or write a paper, tuning out of social media might help you stay focused and productive. And, if you need help unplugging from your favourite social media mobile apps, you can add a little SelfControl to your smartphone too.

Sleep Cycle: An Easy Way to Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is an important part of keeping on top of your education. Studies have shown that students who take the time to get plenty of sleep, exercise and eat a balanced diet feel less stressed and have an easier time focusing on coursework.

Sleep Cycle can help you feel rested and healthy by using the latest science to help you manage your sleep schedule. That’s because Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns, and then gently wakes you up during a phase of light sleep.

With this handy application, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle your marketing courses!

Are you looking for flexible study options for your marketing training?

Even busy marketing students need to get plenty of sleep.

Even busy marketing students need to get plenty of sleep.

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