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As the dust settles from the initial blow of the COVID-19 crisis and surviving businesses continue to rebuild, many are beginning to reintegrate marketing strategies to find creative ways to reach waning audiences. 

It doesn’t cut it to have a sub-par online presence. With consumer budgets for spending way down, and continual social distancing policies keeping shopping trips few and far between, companies must adapt by reaching for every tool in their marketing playbook. Digging into social media channels, online ads, and websites will be more important than ever for building trust in prospective customers.

Marketing coordinators have the training to assist businesses in their efforts to find the best marketing methods for capturing consumers online and retaining them. To that end, here are some tips for beefing up a digital marketing strategy for weathering the pandemic:

Focus on the Needs of Your Customers

The first step to developing a digital marketing strategy is to delve into the shifts in audience behaviours that may have been caused by the pandemic. How many of your customers have lost their jobs, or been forced to take a pay cut? Are they shopping for only necessities? What’s their primary motivation to get online to shop? Understanding your audience’s current motivations and behaviours are key to developing the right strategy for capturing their attention online.

By taking a marketing coordinator diploma, you will gain a solid knowledge of marketing practices and principles. This will be helpful for honing in on an audience’s specific needs at the moment.  It starts by staying on top of trends and news in your own niche and learning about customers through online quizzes, surveys, and other formats for gathering information. 

Creating detailed audience personas that describe a customer’s precise needs and challenges post-pandemic will also be of great benefit. Including as many details as possible about each of the personas, your business may deal with will give you a serious leg up in formulating your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Requires Engaging Content

When preparing for a marketing coordinator career, you’ll be trained in a broad range of marketing knowledge and processes. To help your marketing efforts, it’s a good idea to develop targeted online content to convince your customer you’re the business to shop with. This content is all about creating a story to capture your audience’s imagination and trust. That story could also be shifting dramatically in the wake of the pandemic.

This a crucial time to be sensitive to your customer’s needs. If you can gain their trust, you will keep them coming back for more. 

Captivating content can help gain the attention of customers

Captivating content can help gain the attention of customers

Remember to Collect and Analyze the Data from Website Visitors

One of the fastest and most effective methods for building up a target audience is to create an email list from your website visitors. Marketing teams employ various methods for doing this, such as offering free ebooks, products, trials, fun quizzes, and contests—all offered in exchange for the valuable email contact details of the website visitor. Once your business has managed to obtain those contact details, these can be used to send out newsletters with information about sales, promotions, and more. 

Metrics are also critical to marketing strategies. How do visitors land on your website? How long do they stay on for, and what makes them leave? What’s the average number of visits being recorded before a purchase is made? Collecting data and using analytics to understand key information on website visits and conversions is crucial for knowing how to adjust your digital marketing strategy for improvements after earning your marketing diploma in Alberta.

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