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When it comes to the hospitality industry, many people don’t immediately consider the large role that events and tourism play in recent commercial growth. Due to an increase in global travel, tourism stimulates a variety of local businesses, providing economic, cultural, and social benefits.

In the past year, Canada has welcomed over 20 million international visitors, with billions in generated revenue. Hospitality and event management is a crucial aspect of ensuring that visitors’ needs are being met during their stay and guaranteeing a possible return in the future. Read on for more information on how your hospitality career can include convention and event management.

How Convention Events Affect the Hospitality Industry

Tourism, naturally, is boosted when people want to attend, observe, or participate in events. These events generally fall under three main categories: economic, social, and educational, but they are not all inherently separate. Just as you wouldn’t necessarily travel to a city to see one landmark or attraction, tourists who go to a new destination can diversify their trip with other events or activities.

Although not all events involve tourism, all events require hospitality. No matter the topic, events stimulate the hospitality industry because it is responsible for accommodation, catering, and entertainment to tourists and travellers. In contemporary trends, hotels often have a greater income from event hosting than traditional services, and because of this, a hospitality career involves more instances of event and convention management.

From economic events such as business meetings, trade fairs, and expos, to social and educational events like weddings, cultural festivals, seminars, and conferences, events are proving to be a lucrative aspect of the hospitality industry, and require trained professionals to address needs and demands as they arise.

Using Your Hospitality Management Training Skills

No matter the size, any event needs to be properly planned, organized, and executed for it to be successful. The planning of the event should be determined by its purpose as well as the function, venue, and attendee parameters. Not every event will be the same in size or scope, but all require the same attention to detail, and hospitality management training encourages the skills and talent necessary for convention and event planning.

Event management is a multifaceted and demanding role which involves a variety of skills, as well as the appropriate utilization of resources and proper budgeting. Large events like conventions or conferences are often expensive, busy, and require precise managerial skills to supervise and communicate effectively with all the people and components of the event.

Convention and event management requires many different skills

Convention and event management requires many different skills

Ensuring Good Memories and a Quality Experience

Any event is about people coming together to create, network, and participate in a shared experience. The reputation of the host or venue depends on the overall experience of the attendees, and in order to minimize risk and maximize satisfaction, convention and event managers with a hospitality diploma should strive to exceed guest expectations.

One of the main benefits of any event is the social aspect, which promotes communication and new relationships. By providing quality service and positive experience, hospitality management improves the chances that their guests may capitalize on the original feeling of the event or location, and, based on their good memories, return again at a future date.

Some events have particular significance in a person’s life, such as a wedding, or a milestone birthday or anniversary. If the event goes wrong, it may not be easily rectified, but if the event is a success, the good memories and experiences of the guests and attendees can influence their choice the next time they consider another event, thus guaranteeing customer loyalty, a good reputation, and returning business.

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