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If you love working with technology and are always up for a challenge, you might want to consider  software and web development training. As technology advances, modern businesses have become more reliant on informative, responsive websites to promote their services and connect with their target audiences. As a professional working within the software development industry, you’ll possess the skills to bring businesses’ visions to life, creating functional, dynamic websites and platforms. 

At the Academy of Learning Career College, students build software and web development skills through their Software and Web Development training, learning coding languages such as CSS, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, C#, and the .NET Framework. Graduates of this diploma program possess the skills necessary to enter a variety of different careers in software development, including jobs as a Web Developer, Software Developer, UI/UX Developer, Javascript/jQuery Developer, and more. Below, discover some potential career paths once you complete your software and web developer training. 

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After Completing a Software and Web Developer Program, Consider a Software Developer Career

Upon completing their training, one of the most popular career paths for Academy of Learning graduates is that of a Software Developer. Software Developers work with a team of programmers, coding software and programs in order to fulfill requests from the companies or clients they work with. While a large component of a Software Developer’s responsibilities is technical (developing and maintaining software, troubleshooting problems with code, analyzing programs, creating upgrades), they also work on the design component of software projects, ensuring their application is functional and appealing. If you possess strong problem-solving skills and thrive in a team-oriented environment, consider becoming a Software Developer after completing your software and web developer training.

Graduates of AOLCC’s Software and Web Developer Program are qualified to become Software Developers

More Design-Oriented? Pursue a Career as a Web Developer

If you’re interested in the graphic design aspect of website building, a career as a Web Developer could be a good fit. While web developers possess the same kinds of technical computing and programming skills as software developers, their work is focused on creating designs on web pages. Web developers ensure that the websites they create are secure, responsive, and aligned with the expectations of the particular client. They might design page layouts, create interactive features, and input new colours and fonts. For web developers, common responsibilities include creating and maintaining applications for websites, collaborating with graphic designers, updating websites, troubleshooting website issues, and more in order to optimize the user experience on a website. 

Become a UI/UX Developer

After completing software and web development training, you might also consider a career as a UI/UX developer. Equipped with an understanding of software development and programming language, your skills will translate to creating an optimized user experience for visitors to a website. As a UX developer, you’ll conduct research about users and design user flows and prototypes to streamline a user’s journey throughout a website or application. UI developers also work closely with UX developers, styling different design elements to create a responsive and interactive user journey. If you’re interested in a hands-on career where you get to put yourself in the customer’s shoes, becoming a UX or UI developer could be right for you.

While these are some great career paths to pursue as a graduate of software and web developer courses, there are many opportunities beyond these options. Learn more about the possibilities by exploring programs at AOLCC.


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