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Web development is the coding work that goes into the creation and maintenance of a website. As so many aspects of everyday life move onto the internet, such as shopping, socializing, personal wellness, and more, well-trained web developers are increasingly in demand. If you have a strong interest in technology and are looking to change careers, a web developer career could be an excellent path for you. Some benefits of pursuing web development include an optimistic job outlook, remote work, competitive salaries, and a short training period. Read on to learn more.

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The Job Outlook for Web Development is Optimistic 

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), the projected outlook for web development is still looking great in 2023. Employment in this industry is expected to grow at a higher rate than the average of all occupations. Job creation is predicted to make up 54% of the openings, a proportion significantly above the 27% average. After receiving the proper training, you’ll be equipped to take on the opportunities becoming available for qualified web developers. 

Remote Work Offers Flexibility For Web Developers

If you’re seeking remote web development work after completing a programming course, you’re in luck. The data regarding remote work is clear and employers are taking notes. Remote workers are, on average, 47% more productive and report a better work-life balance. In addition, to deal with the possibility of an economic downturn in 2023, employers are focusing their efforts on retention. Since most employees prefer to work from home, companies know that it’s in their best interest to provide this option. Mainly for web developers that don’t require in-person meetings to complete their work for the most part, remote positions will continue to be widely available.

Enjoy a Lucrative Career With Upward Mobility 

After coding bootcamp, you can expect to earn between $45,000 and $103,000 per year, which can increase as you gain experience. As a web developer, it’s unlikely that you’ll feel stuck in your profession since there are so many opportunities for advancement. For example, with work experience, you can progress into a managerial position. When you gain the confidence and professional connections you need, you can strike out on your own to freelance or build a web development business, where you provide services to clients within a niche of your choice. 

Software engineering is another well-paid and exciting career option to consider after you’ve mastered web development. Software engineering enables you to work in a broader variety of projects while offering you the same flexibility and job stability as web development. As briefly discussed, jobs are constantly being created in the industry, which may mean more opportunities for career advancement in the future! 

There are plenty of opportunities for advancement to enjoy as a web developer after our programming course

Start Your Career Quickly After An Intensive Programming Course 

Through comprehensive coding bootcamps and programming training courses at AOLCC Alberta, you can be ready to begin your web developer career in less than one year! Many career seekers are deterred by long programs that keep them out of work for extended periods, but this doesn’t need to be a concern for you in 2023, as web development is in high demand. After graduation, you will be qualified and prepared to start a successful career in web development. You’ll learn to understand and manipulate code languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, C#, and the .NET framework, creating and maintaining high-quality websites. Some of the positions you can pursue right out of training include web developer, UX and UI developer, front-end developer, software developer, and Javascript/ JQuery developer. 

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