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For any dental practice, providing excellent customer service to clients is extremely important. Not only does this help them to feel more comfortable as they await their appointment, but it can also keep them coming back to your dental office for future ones. The goal with any customer service approach is to leave your clients feeling satisfied with your services, and more willing to refer your dental practice to others. With all of this in mind, a dental administrative assistant is expected to have great skills in this area—able to communicate effectively with clients when they enter and exit the practice.

The moment when you decided to become a dental administrative assistant may not have led to many thoughts about the customer service side of the job. Knowing its importance, however, can help you focus on becoming the best version of yourself whenever interacting with clients. Read on to learn some great tips for providing optimal customer service in your dental administration career!

Make Sure the Client Feels Valued and Comfortable When You Talk to Them

Your ultimate goal as a dental administrative assistant is to greet clients in a kind and respectful way and to be ready and willing to assist them whenever necessary. When greeting them in the office, ensure that the area is clean and well-organized. You’ll also want to be warm and inviting while welcoming them. The objective should be to instill a sense of community and support at your dental practice. Should there be delays with the dentist’s arrival, or any other issues, be fully transparent with the clients about this. Whatever the situation, you want to do your best after getting your dental office assistant diploma to give clients a positive experience when they go to the dentist.

Be Your Best Self While on the Phone, as Well as With Administrative Duties

Performing administrative duties while you work in a dental office is an important component of excellent customer service and can be learned in a dental administrative assistant course. These duties include such things as scheduling appointments, filing, record keeping, payroll/accounts payable, monitoring inventory, and communicating with clients over the phone and in writing. 

You’ll want to be sure administrative tasks are done accurately and on time

You’ll want to be sure administrative tasks are done accurately and on time

You’ll want to make sure these tasks are completed in a timely manner and are done accurately by paying close attention to detail. When completing payroll-related tasks, it’s important to ensure that there are no financial discrepancies. While speaking on the phone, you’ll want to be as approachable and helpful as possible to help solve problems that can sometimes be sensitive and complex.

A Dental Administrative Assistant Should Remember to Always Put the Client First

To lay the foundation of good dental practice, you’ll want to make sure clients are always treated with respect. This will help to keep them happy with the dental services they’re receiving, increasing the likelihood of their decision to return to your practice. As a future dental administrative assistant, it’s important that you remember to be warm, friendly, and as helpful as possible when clients come through the door. This is especially true when keeping in mind that many people are scared of going to the dentist, to begin with. Your first priority should be to put their needs first, and ensure they’re being attended to.

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