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Education is often referred to as an investment in your future, and that is especially true if you’re studying for a career in healthcare. The healthcare field is booming, with job vacancy rates high and the demand for new workers continuing to grow.

Of course, a career in healthcare is about so much more than that. The moment when you begin a career in healthcare is a transformative experience. It’s one where you’ll have an opportunity to meaningfully impact and improve the lives of countless people, making a true difference in your community. Let’s take a look at just how healthcare training can provide an exceptional return on investment both professionally and personally.

1. Healthcare Is a Growing Field That Pays Well

Canada’s population is getting older, which is fuelling rapid growth in healthcare. In fact, healthcare jobs are already among the fastest-growing in the country, and that pace is expected to only increase in the future. Along with technology, healthcare positions are expected to dominate the Canadian job market in the coming years.

Canada needs caring healthcare professionals In Alberta alone, employment in the healthcare and social assistance sector grew by a healthy 2.3% from 2016 to 2019, and the average wage for healthcare and social assistance workers is above the provincial average. The healthcare sector in Alberta also has an unemployment rate of just 1.3%, which is one of the lowest of any industry. That makes your healthcare training investment in a career that is both in demand and well-compensated.

Smiling senior woman watching photobook with happy caregiver

Smiling senior woman watching photobook with happy caregiver

2. Healthcare Training Is Flexible and Convenient

What you may not realize about working in healthcare is that training is flexible and convenient. While you may think that studying for a career in healthcare requires years of commitment and long days of studying, the truth is that many healthcare certificates and diplomas can be completed in less than a year and sometimes in just 22 weeks.

If you need to balance work and family commitments with your studies, the fact that our career colleges boast ways of completing your program on your schedule can be very beneficial. With the help of our Integrated Learning System (ILS), you can finish your courses as slowly or as quickly as you like. ILS also means you aren’t constrained by the traditional classroom environment, so if you have to miss a class you can easily catch up.

3. A Career in Healthcare Is More Than a Job, It’s a Passion

While there are plenty of practical considerations that should go into your decision to pursue a career in healthcare, ultimately the chance to actually make a difference in peoples’ lives is what sets careers in

healthcare apart. By working in healthcare, you’ll be improving the quality of life of the people you work with, which is why for many people healthcare is a passion rather than just a job.

As a health care aide, for example, you can assist people who are living in long-term healthcare facilities and retirement homes. Meanwhile, as a dental administrative assistant, you can take a role in helping people feel better about not just their smiles, but themselves. For these reasons, a career as a healthcare professional is your chance to invest in a future you can be proud of.

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