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Computer networking is essential for the operations of companies in industries crossing all kinds of niches. To keep computer networks in good working order, network administrators become key figures, using their specialist knowledge to install new hardware and software, monitor performance, maintain network security, and much more.

To understand more about this role, let’s take a closer look at three stand-out reasons you might consider a career in this field.

1. Network Administrator Training Can Lead to Many Different Opportunities

Companies rely on a solid computer network in order to conduct the smooth operations expected of today’s businesses. The functioning of these systems can often be quite complex, leading many businesses to rely on the help of a full-time professional network administrator. Many people trained in this field can expect to be hired as in-house technical experts, especially at larger businesses with the budget to fill such a role. There are also many opportunities to be hired on a contract basis for this line of work, by companies that prefer to outsource their computer networking oversight. 

With your network administrator training background, you’ll have a range of opportunities ahead of you, with the credentials to find employment as a hardware installation coordinator, network administrator, network support technician, or network operator. You’ll also be qualified to work as a local area network (LAN) administrator or technician. 

2. You’ll Be in a Career That Meets the Needs of Expanding Technologies

Before COVID-19, experts in many different industries predicted a rapid expansion of technology at Canadian firms. This predicted change was also expected to necessitate upgrades and adaptations to IT infrastructures. While many businesses have been negatively impacted by the global pandemic, these predictions look poised to remain true due to some interesting business responses to the ongoing situation—including much wider use of e-commerce, and much more rapid integration of online business practices.

Many businesses are likely to seek out computer specialists to assist with networking system upgrades 

Many businesses are likely to seek out computer specialists to assist with networking system upgrades

With this shift, it’s likely that businesses will continue to look for ways to adapt to the new COVID reality, remaining resilient and competitive by upgrading their IT infrastructures and supporting technologies. In turn—and of special interest to those considering a network administrator career—it appears likely that many businesses will look for the services of trained professionals to help them support the changes needed to their computer networking installations and configurations. 

3. You’ll Feel Accomplished and Valued as a Computer Troubleshooting Pro

If you’ve enrolled in network administrator courses, it’s a good bet that you’re passionate about solving technical computer problems. A career in this field involves a keen use of analytical skills, to be used alongside your specialized training to solve any number of computer network system issues that can crop up at businesses and organizations. The unique challenges that arise on a case-by-case basis each day allow for a nice variety of troubleshooting tasks to keep you both engaged and intrigued with your work—important hallmarks of job satisfaction. You’ll also discover the rewarding nature of being able to use your insight and specialized training to tackle and solve a variety of networking issues, quickly becoming a valued and appreciated team member of the company you work for.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in this engaging field?