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The moment when you decide to pursue a career as a network administrator could be a life-changing one. Why? Because as long as the Internet continues to exist, and companies and consumers continue to depend on it for everyday use, there will be a need for people who can work to keep networks running. A career in information technology is a unique journey to embark on, and one that offers plenty of benefits for you as a professional.

By working as a professional keeping a company’s networks and servers consistently functioning and acting as a source of technical support by troubleshooting issues that may arise, you’ll play a part in contributing to the health of the company as a whole. Here’s why a career as a network administrator could be a fantastic choice for you.

A Network Administrator’s Daily Tasks Are Vast and Varied

As a network administrator, your main duties are to keep computer networks running, as well as make gradual improvements to them as technology continues evolving and transforming.  Working in this career can lead to you frequently doing new things on the job, and performing a variety of tasks. These include maintaining different types of networks (eg. wide area networks, LANs) and computer equipment (eg. software, hardware), troubleshooting any issues that come up, backing up data, managing disaster recovery plans for data, configuring networks, and installing operating systems as well as hardware and software. Although these are just a few of the tasks you may find yourself doing regularly, they’re an indication that your network administrator career likely won’t be full of repetition. You’re also in an industry where you can gain experience developing softer skills, such as communication and problem-solving.

A network administrator’s everyday tasks can vary greatly

A network administrator’s everyday tasks can vary greatly

Network Administration Is Changing as Businesses Move Online

In any role you have in this career path, you can expect the requirements of businesses to change with regard to how their networks operate. This is especially true as some businesses are moving from working in an office to working fully online during the COVID-19 pandemic. While cloud computing was already a popular transition for companies to make prior to it, current circumstances are forcing employees to work remotely as often as possible. After your network administrator training, you may see an increased focus on this in the future, especially given how convenient the cloud can be for backup file storage, and how a network administrator can manage the cloud and troubleshoot any issues.

Network Administrator Pros Play an Important Role for Companies

Taking network administrator courses can teach you a wide variety of concepts related to life in this career, such as how to configure devices, assemble components, handle complaints from clients over network issues, maintain wired and wireless networks, diagnose issues and effectively problem-solve them, perform preventative maintenance, and oversee the network’s security. Each of these skills can be of benefit to companies in many different industries, especially as sectors like healthcare increasingly rely on networks rather than paper files. You can find yourself working for companies in a wide range of fields, as virtually every industry requires employees working in IT. By helping to make networks more secure, upgrade them as time goes on, configure different hardware parts, connect and disconnect networks, and keep servers and computer systems operating, you’re helping companies run smoothly.

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