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Students and graduates of business management programs likely know the value of a great computer or mobile application can offer. They can allow a person to take their work with them on the go, or streamline a repetitive or complex task to the point that it takes little time to complete. The capacity for applications to simplify business management cannot be overstated.

There are many software programs and apps to choose from, and it can be confusing and time-consuming to try to sort through the available options to find the best solutions.

To help narrow the field, here are three applications that can be of great help to business management graduates.

1. Grads of Business Management Programs Can Track Finances With Quickbooks

Managing finances can be tricky, and often takes up a good amount of time. For those reasons, students with business management training might want to consider managing their business’ finances with Quickbooks.

Available in web browsers, as a desktop application, and for mobile devices, Quickbooks allows you to view your business’ financial data wherever you are. It links with credit cards, bank accounts, and e-commerce solutions and generates reports for you based on income and expenses. It can also be used to generate invoices and track inventory.

There are multiple versions, with different pricing plans and feature sets designed for different kinds of businesses. Wherever you end up after business management school, odds are good that Quickbooks could be an asset to you.

A cloud storage solution like Dropbox is a great back up and collaboration tool

A cloud storage solution like Dropbox is a great back up and collaboration tool

2. Businesses Can Use Dropbox to Easily Back Up and Share Data

In their Internet Fundamentals course, students who complete a business management diploma learn about the value the internet has to offer businesses. Taking advantage of modern cloud storage solutions like Dropbox is a great way to harness some of that value.

Available on the web, as a desktop application, and for mobile devices, Dropbox works a lot like a regular folder on your computer. You can save files to your Dropbox and open or edit them at your convenience. The difference is that the files are not saved to your hard drive, but are instead saved on Dropbox’s servers.

This opens up many options. You can save files to Dropbox as a safety precaution, so that hard drive damage does not eliminate your work. You can also use Dropbox as an easy way to share files with multiple people.

Dropbox has multiple subscription options offering different tiers of service, so no matter which industry you enter after your business training, it can be of great use to you.

Using RescueTime will help you see how you can improve your productivity3. Pros With a Business Management Diploma Can Use RescueTime to Improve Time Management

Time management is a difficult skill to master, but grads of a business management program can improve the productivity of their office, and themselves, with a little help from RescueTime.

Once installed on a computer or mobile device, RescueTime logs all the time spent on applications and on a website and generates a report of where you spent your time. The software automatically creates categories for this data, like “Social Networks” or “Business,” and these can also be adjusted by users for a customized experience. By analyzing this data, you can see where time is being wasted, and take steps to be more efficient.

Students who have completed business training may want to use this as a personal productivity tool. Or if they are managing a group of employees, they could install it on all workplace computers as a way to monitor employee time, and thereby encourage greater productivity.