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If you are a tradesperson looking to expand your career opportunities, the Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Program will be of interest to you. The Blue Seal certificate shows that a tradesperson meets Alberta’s high industry standards and has the qualities and knowledge to succeed not only in trades work but in business as well. It is available to those who have an Alberta Journeyman Certificate, Alberta Occupational Certificate or other recognized trade certificate and who complete either a program of study approved by the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board or finish 150 hours of study in an approved subject at an approved training provider.

If you are interested in becoming Blue Seal certified and seeking support to transform your organizational and leadership skills into an exciting career, Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) will give you the momentum you need. That’s because we are now one of the recognized training providers for the Blue Seal Program in Alberta. Here are some advantages of pursuing your Blue Seal certification at AOLCC.

Develop a Wide Range of Business Skills and a Community

Blue Seal approved business administration training will give you the opportunity to develop and refine your business skills in a wide variety of areas. These business skills can complement your existing trade skills, thus ensuring you have as many tools as possible for success. You’ll learn about marketing, accounting and other areas that can help you with the business side of your career. Additionally, you can customize the program to your own interests. The course work will provide a solid understanding of business practices and principles that you will be able to apply to change economic and social conditions in the workplace.

There is also the chance to connect with other like-minded students who are on the same journey to careers in finance, production, human resources, leadership roles in skilled trades and many other disciplines.

Gain More Choices for Career Advancement

People who have business management training are prepared to meet the requirements set by today’s competitive job market. After making this kind of investment in your career you will have the business knowledge to be a competent and confident supervisor or manager, which will help if you are leading a team or plan on becoming an entrepreneur.

When you have business administration or management training, you can also branch out into careers outside of the trades. Employers across many industries are looking for people who have the passion to lead teams, train staff, organize a department and perform other supervisory duties. Our Blue Seal courses will prepare you with effective communication skills as well as experience in research and problem-solving techniques to keep your options for career advancement open.  

Earn a Blue Seal with One of the Best Business Programs in Alberta

The Business Management Diploma and Business Administration Diploma are full credit business programs in Alberta, meaning that students who complete them will meet the required 150 hours of study to qualify for Blue Seal certification. The advantages of a respected program along with this certification will open up opportunities for you to succeed in your career journey.

The moment when you earn a Blue Seal is a demonstration of your knowledge and aptitude. The exciting and flexible programs at AOLCC will increase your sense of belonging in the challenging world of business and give you a credential that can help you become a better business person on top of being a great tradesperson.

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