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All of our students have their own stories to tell about how their journey brought them to the Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC). For Business Management student Rachel Reiss, that journey is one defined by resiliency. This mother of three once had her dream job working with horses before an unfortunate accident put it to an abrupt end.

What for many could have been a devastating experience, for Rachel turned into an opportunity. With the help of the supportive community at AOLCC, Rachel discovered passions and interests she never knew she had. Read about her inspiring story below.

An Unfortunate Accident Led to an Opportunity to Study Business Management Training

Rachel never planned on studying business management training. As she says, “I was one of the few fortunate ones who always knew what they wanted to be and do. I always knew I was going to have a career with horses and from the time I was 2, that was my mission.” It was a mission she accomplished. For 15 years she was the manager and head trainer at Salter Pepper Paints & Quarter Horses just south of Calgary.

It was a dream job and one she would have happily kept doing. Unfortunately, in 2015 Rachel suffered an accident that put her horse training days behind her. The initial fallout was devastating. “For the first time in my life,” she says, “I was left not knowing what I was going to do for a career; what I wanted to do for a career; and worst of all, how do I go on not being able to do what I love and what I was meant to do.”

Rachel found her answer at AOLCC. “With the amazing help of the career counsellors, I was given a chance to explore new passions and strengths I didn’t realize I had.” Rachel developed a passion for management and entrepreneurialism, and the team at AOLCC helped her chart a path to prepare her for a role in the field. After earning two diplomas with honours, one as an Administrative Assistant and the other in Business Administration, Rachel is now pursuing her third AOLCC diploma, this time in the business management program.

Rachel Found a Team at AOLCC Who Supported Her Every Step of the Way

Throughout her journey at AOLCC, Rachel has been surrounded by a supportive and welcoming community. “With the constant support and encouragement of the team here at the South Campus, I achieved my diploma in Business Administration. […] Now they cheer me on through the home stretch as I work on my Business Management diploma.”

Rachel also has praise for AOLCC’s Integrated Learning System (ILS), a self-directed, multi-sensory learning experience that incorporates interactive eLearning modules. According to Rachel, “ILS works beautifully for anyone looking to upgrade or go back to school and acquire a career rather than just a job.”

And she has big plans for when she graduates with her business management diploma. “My goal when I am finished my program is to either start my own business or acquire a management role for a company that values employee loyalty and rewards hard work.”

While we’re sure Rachel will have plenty of career success, her real “moment when” is being an inspiration to herself, her children, and the entire AOLCC community. As she says, “I have been given a new opportunity to not only show, but prove to myself and my children, that nothing is ever final and you truly can be or do anything you choose, even when life throws you a curveball.”

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