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Kyla Elaine D. Bonado wanted a career in the field of dentistry and saw the Dental Administrative Assistant diploma program at Academy of Learning Career College (AOLCC) as an opportunity to further pursue her passion. Having wanted a future in dentistry since childhood, Kyla knew she would be able to learn and grow by enrolling in the program. The youngest among her group of AOLCC students in the 2019-20 school year, Kyla immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in September 2019, enrolling at AOLCC the following month. A self-described “jolly and happy person” who enjoys travelling, friends, and her teachers, Kyla loves AOLCC because of the school’s openness with “helping every individual to achieve their dreams.”

Here’s what Kyla has to say about her experience in the Dental Administrative Assistant program. Discover how the moment when she decided to enroll in the program became the moment when she began to transform her career and work toward achieving her goals.

The Program Has Much to Offer Students Hoping to Follow Their Passion

For students at AOLCC, the Dental Administrative Assistant program can give them the tools they need to build a future for themselves in the industry, allowing them to work in various environments in the healthcare sector. Taking place over 27 weeks, the program gives students hands-on training in office skills such as bookkeeping, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), keyboarding, and how to use Windows operating systems. The dental administrative assistant diploma program also helps students gain skills in customer service, as well as skills in telephone communication for work at a call centre or help desk. Students will also receive the CMAP (Certified Medical Assisting Professional) certification along with their diploma, which qualifies them for employment in many different healthcare environments in a role in administrative/clinical support.

Kyla credits AOLCC for having “a lot to offer,” adding that she can learn comfortably with those around her in the school’s community. She also credits the school’s staff for their approachable nature, allowing her to phone them to ask questions whenever she needs help. “The whole AOLCC Staff are approachable [and] fun to be with,” she says. “Throughout my journey, Leonor, Hong, and Nayima are always there whenever I [have] something to ask or [need to] look for help.”

Kyla’s Plans Upon Getting Her Dental Administrative Assistant Diploma

Kyla has now completed her dental administrative assistant program and plans on establishing her career in the field. In fact, she has already found employment soon after finishing the program. “I just finished taking the course, and luckily I found work after one month of searching on social media, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc,” she says. “I had doubts in myself before that I might not have a job because I [had] just finished taking the course. Believing in yourself, making plans, and perseverance made me do it.”

Kyla recommends the program to others, in part because of how “fun and interesting” she found it to be, and also because of the breadth of knowledge a dental administrative assistant course can impart. “You will know more not just about [the] works of [an] admin/receptionist, but also about taking care of oral health while dealing with patients,” she says. “You [will] be more aware that oral health is important. In that way, you can share your knowledge with others.”

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