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For many students, AOLCC’s Network Administration Diploma is an important step toward a rewarding new career. We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our many students, including Indika Vithanage, a graduate of this program who now works with the City of Edmonton. A motivated student and professional, Indika have combined his natural passion and professional training to excel as a Desktop Support Analyst.

Read on to know more about Indika’s inspiring story, and how the Academy of Learning Career College helped him launch his dream IT career.

Why Indika Chose a Career in the IT Industry

Prizing an IT career, Indika moved to Edmonton in 2014 to study network administration. Like many of our Network Administration students, Indika recognized just how promising the IT industry could be. “I knew that there are a lot of job opportunities open every year in this field,” Indika recalls, noting that the right training was necessary to open the door to this career path.

“Information Technology courses are an excellent choice to help advance your career”, he says—and an important step toward becoming “a more competitive and valuable employee.” He visited a number of colleges in the area but ultimately chose AOLCC for his professional training, a decision he says changed his life.

Indika notes the importance of IT professionals, who are “tapped into the core of any business: customers and products.” Indika says that as an analyst, “you get to connect with customers, understand their experience with our company, and get to know the product inside and out.” Working in this essential role requires “a certain mix of skills, values, and personal characteristics.”

Obtaining Crucial Hands-On Training

Indika says AOLCC prepared him with thorough hands-on training, noting how well the training materials correspond with everyday IT work. He highlights the specialized uses of Arc Soft video tutorials, which provide students with virtual training environments to implement study-guide material. “Those virtual lessons are so accurate,” Indika says, “that today I use that knowledge frequently.” Indika also credits AOLCC for his advanced knowledge of computer hardware, applications, and operating systems—knowledge he says facilitates everyday tasks.

Recalling his hands-on training, Indika makes special mention of the helpful AOLCC staff. Online instructors are always available to assist academically, which he says is “so convenient for students”. Indika recalls how helpful an online tutor was with his Windows server configuration training, saying the assistance contributed greatly to his overall success as a student. He adds that AOLCC’s friendly staff encouraged him toward the professional success he enjoys today as an IT professional.

Indika’s Hard Work and Dedication Helped Him Achieve His Ambitions

Indika attributes his professional successes to education and professionalism—a combination that helped him shine in the job market. When asked about the advice he would give future IT pros, Indika highlights the importance of customer service skills, communication, respectfulness, and—above all—patience. He says that these qualities, combined with effective network administration courses, place professionals on the path to success, maximizing their appeal to employers.

Reflecting on his success at AOLCC and beyond, Indika says the Network Administration Diploma channelled his passion and maximized his abilities. “Every person has unique skills”, he says, adding that it’s important for students to recognize and develop theirs. Describing AOLCC as “the place I polished my hidden skills”, Indika recalls how he moved to Edmonton with the dream of becoming an IT professional. Now working with the city, he says “Academy of Learning Career College made my dream come true”.

Are you ready to launch a rewarding IT career with our Network Administration Diploma?