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There are many factors that may inspire you to change careers and pursue your passion. After twenty-nine years of doing the same job, Academy of Learning  Career College (AOLCC) student Bobbie Megysi said “change was the way to go” and enrolled in our medical office assistant courses with a veterinary specialty.

Despite her years of work experience and excellent track record, Bobbie wanted new credentials to open up more opportunities. Her goal is “to find a stable, permanent and fulfilling administrative or management position in a veterinarian clinic.” Continue reading to learn more about Bobbie’s journey and how AOLCC is helping her on her way to a new career.

Bobbie Megyesi is working hard to pursue her passion

Bobbie Megyesi is working hard to pursue her passion

Returning to Her Roots

The moment when Bobbie connected her childhood being raised on a cattle farm to her career goals, she cleared a path to pursue a career that would be more satisfying and stable. With many years of experience caring for animals on the farm as well as riding and training horses, Bobbie says, “I have a strong love and interest for all animals.” What does this mean for her career?

Bobbie plans to combine her experiences taking care of animals with medical office assistant courses with a veterinary specialty. This way, she can confidently step into work in a veterinarian clinic, whether she takes on a role as a manager or an administrator. “It just seemed like a natural fit,” she says, adding that “combining these assets will make me a valued employee wherever I end up.” Returning to your core interests, or embracing a passion and combining that with training and a determination like Bobbie’s, can help build up this kind of confidence to imagine a new role for yourself.

Looking for Support to Begin a Medical Office Assistant Career

Before approaching AOLCC and after the unfortunate situation of being laid off from one company two years in a row, Bobbie said it was time to “train for a new, long term career with guaranteed stability.” AOLCC is in her neighbourhood, so Bobbie had seen the campus and was curious about taking classes.

When Bobbie decided to enrol, she said “the faculty was very helpful in guiding me through the process.” Moreover, she said that enrolment was simple and she would highly recommend taking a course if you are interested in a medical office assistant career with a veterinary specialty. She added that “the faculty are amazingly knowledgeable and are always willing to lend a hand.” When she was looking for support for her career goals, she found a committed faculty and a welcoming community.

Finished Training in One Year

Before attending AOLCC, Bobbie was a great employee and prided herself on providing top tier customer service as an executive assistant in the financial services industry. She also worked in reception, accounting and other administration jobs. With twenty-nine years of experience, one of the benefits of the medical office assistant diploma program with a veterinary specialty is that it can be done in a year.

Bobbie was pleased with the possibility of completing the coursework for a new credential within a year and she said the curriculum was “easy to navigate and will open a lot of doors to find the kind of career where I can excel.” At AOLCC, we’re excited to see Bobbie make an investment in her love of animals and take the initiative to get hands-on experience towards a new career.

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